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  1. There is a nintendo direct tomorrow.

    Silksong website is down.

    *insert "coincidence? I THINK NOT" meme here*







    I need silksong aaaaaaaaaa

    also hi

  2. It is page 666, have a potato cup to help you along the journey of cursed memes to come.
  3. Theres new dst avatar frames and stickers on the point shop, they are really cute (animated but i dont know how to get a gif) whoever at klei made these is awesome, they are so cute. Edit: forgot this shadow frame:
  4. I havent tried out the event yet, do you need a fully tamed beefalo, and will it effect your points? im wondering if i can just enter a random beefalo after feeding it a few times.
  5. can somebody datamine the new skins? i want to see them up close I hope not
  6. This is all amazing, also btw guys YotB is live now POG anyway i gotta do math now but i will play dst after that, i havent been motivated to play in a while because i feel like my base has to be perfect :I I delete too many worlds, but anyway thank you klei! Stay safe!
  7. look at his signature :O when did that happen Edit: have i just never noticed it?
  8. (What even is this thread anymore) Have a potato cup.
  9. To people concerned about money going to something you don't want it to go to by buying skin packs: (as long as they don't remove spools :I)