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  1. dont forget meeee though to be honest it doesnt really matter who gets it to me i mean we all know what vignette will win this one.
  2. Im pretty sure they are only doing the character rework shorts... so it would be Wendy next. I wonder if Wes's "rework" short will be included.
  3. Use spectral cure all and deerclops usually comes at night anyway so she should be buffed for that boss at least and any cave bosses.
  4. The birchnutters sound cute but i think treegaurds would be too OP
  5. No transformations: Hutch because he has pointy teeth while Chester has round teeth With transformations: Hutch because he is spiky adorable fish Bonus: Ro-bin because ro-bin is literally the child of a GIANT bird so i would assume ro-bin can win possibly?
  6. Different quotes for: Boulders/Gold Boulders/Flintless boulders