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  1. Hello, its been a while I havent been playing dst or been active on here because of other stuff going on but just popping in to say Hi I have tumblr now so check it out if you want (on my about me thingy) and have a good day, also happy pride month. 



    i have youtube too but i dont plan on posting anything.

    1. PasssionFish


      also second dose of vaccine on monday pog


  2. Wagstaff = me when i see potato cup Wilson = people who dont know what potato cup is
  3. changing my username to PasssionFish since that is my online name thing, like hollow knight is just a character i like.


  4. hhhahahaha ive missed so much


  5. There is a nintendo direct tomorrow.

    Silksong website is down.

    *insert "coincidence? I THINK NOT" meme here*







    I need silksong aaaaaaaaaa

    also hi

  6. It is page 666, have a potato cup to help you along the journey of cursed memes to come.
  7. can somebody datamine the new skins? i want to see them up close I hope not
  8. This is all amazing, also btw guys YotB is live now POG anyway i gotta do math now but i will play dst after that, i havent been motivated to play in a while because i feel like my base has to be perfect :I I delete too many worlds, but anyway thank you klei! Stay safe!
  9. look at his signature :O when did that happen Edit: have i just never noticed it?