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  1. you triggered a lot of people here (including me sort of cuz i read manga does that count as anime?) but hey thats your opinion and i swear i wont kill you in your sleep
  2. I really love the Amount of detail you put into your work man these are amazing really
  3. I like this Work especiallly how you drew Bernies hands chapeau bas
  4. the more the merrier amiright? love the profile pic btw
  5. I like it man i admire you because you are able to dish out so pretty drawings also because its you draw traditional and i can only respect that keep it up
  6. OMG i love your drawings so much especially the last couple of them (the TF2 i mean) i got some ideas maybe Wurt as submarine person or wormwood as camo person if you want any ideas just tell me i will be pleased to help note idk what TF2 is so yea...
  7. Ilike the bottom one a tad more because it has their skin is more tim burton style colorless wich i love. Also hey Wurt is my favorite character and i like to see people draw her. Wurt is the cutest character imo because she is childish like webber and is a queen like Wilba even tho Merm kind is superior to pigfolk. but about that queen i read somewhere that the merm king is just a fruit of her imagination and that the merm guard just play along wich just makes her Cuter
  8. The tallbird looks really good just like your other art maybe you should draw a smallbird too for a lot of cuteness note this is a suggestion and you dont have to
  9. eyyy me too i absolutely adore the shadow wigfrid and other shadowy stuff and also am i the only one out there that prefers that one above the winters feast one? edit:now that i think about did you mean the triumphant skins or not because i did...
  10. your bishop islooking slick but i just wanted to be sure it is a broken bishop isn'it?
  11. okay dont get me wrong here you have a really good point but hear me out guys i have been using references dor the longesttime and im really used to it for example if i want draw Wurt in a random situation i look up a drawing of Wurt so i can see how she is built then i draw her in the pose and situation i want (or i try at least XD). but i think you're right and i should draw without references once in a while thanks for the feedback and good luck to you too
  12. yea sorry but i didnt want to bother you on steam so i thought why not? thx for the info tho happy you are
  13. i really need to stop this... alright one last thread hey there its me beginner artist looking for references of experienced artists so i can hype myself up until i finally get my drawing tablet
  14. hey canis i played a bit of the SCP-mod it was much spoopy btw but i could nt ind the corroded cript thingy where can i find it for more spoopiness
  15. hi there hope you guys doin good there im looking fr mpre experienced artists to get references from because im gtting a drawing tablet soon also ireally like the defenitely not bias newspage nice dude