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  1. Oh thank you for doing this @CorsairsEdge, how can we possibly ever return the favor?
  2. I'd like to think when it comes to pets, there's something for everyone, and perhaps not everyone is into cutesy, adorable critters and that's okay. And, in response to your question about keeping pets, I doubt having a creature follow you around for food for a brief period constitutes as a pet really. If any, I guess you could say the same could be applied to pigs and merms if we were to feed them food and have them follow us until the timer runs out. Personally, I think it's fine for critters to have some variety. Not all critters need to be based on ugly, menacing creatures that people have to learn to appreciate, and not all critters need to be adorable ones that gets people squealing in joy. A mix is always a welcomed addition.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to draw @CorsairsEdge ! Wished I could draw to give people a better idea too but I lack talent in that department. I was gonna suggest allowing the critter rest on your shoulders as compared to the other critter but I figured that would be way too complicated. Ooof, just realized I made a typo in my last sentence too. Meant to say *We just want the devs to know that they've made our day*.
  4. Perhaps this has been requested by other users previously, but we figured there's no harm in making it a public suggestion. 3 summers ago, my friend and I explored the Lunar Biome with the intention of getting some Moon Moths to have Mothlings for critters. It was meant to be a grab n go journey/expedition, but when we arrived at the island, we fell in love with the place so much so we stayed there for the entire summer just exploring the place and watching the inhabitants on the island interact. One creature that particularly caught our eyes and gave us many d'aww moments were the Saladmanders that inhabited the island. While they weren't exactly appealing to us at first sight, they grew on us over time that we made frequent trips to Lunar Island just to see them once in awhile. We like how these somewhat feisty creatures look when they sleep and how cute they are when they run , and those very adorable moments when you have a thermal stone on you and it follows you for a bit until the stone wears out its power. We can't say this enough, we think these reptiles are extremely cute and they would make such good bois in the form of babies. Though they are pretty smol already, we do hope we can see a critter form of these guys. Our take on the saladmanders? They could have the ability to scare off creatures their size if they ever attack you, a nod to their rather feisty natures when enraged, though one at a time and it won't deter naturally hostile mobs from following you. We think it might be a tad bit OP if your critters could scare off small mobs like Spiders, Catcoons, Frogs, though we hope the one-at-a-time mechanics is a good balance. Not sure about Bees, but if they do, they'd probably be only to scare one at a time until they're dead too. It's totally fine if they don't have any special abilities like the Mothlings, we just want to interact with these good bois without having to kill them. We just want the devs they've made our day with the creation of Saladmanders in the game. Thank you for reading!