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  1. Am sorry for the late answer but I have a little idea for it. Basically this item would act like Maxwell's Door, but for a more in-depth explanation, here it goes: When the player triggers that event, the game would create a copy of your world from scratch (basically re-use) the same world seed whilst also revamping everything else. Basically it's like playing on a different save, just like in solo DS, however, this save cannot be re-accessed once completed / deletes itself upon completion but does transfer the loot gathered. Now for the mirror world itself: it's quite massive but let me tell you everything about it: The player is always affected by lunacy unless they enter the lunar archipelago / grotto which are now called: the crepuscule islands / crepuscule geodes. Every mob is also affected by the moon's touch (butterflies; bees; gobblers, everything!) Structures have a touch of lunar corruption on them (i.g spikes protruding in all the ways or a sort of lunar glass coating) and require 2 extra action points to break Lightning strikes will always spawn in lunar burn-marks where they hit. Rain will have a chance to drop lunar shards and thunderstorms have a 25% chance of summoning an eye of the storm in close proximity to the player, there's also a probability of an eye of the storm to spawn during winter, however, the oddities for that to happen are 0.56% x the amount of days survived so far. Some resources can spawn with lunar glitter on them, thus requiring the player to dig off the glitter before being able to collect the resource (such as berry bushes, grass, twig trees etc.) Same recipe applies for caves too, but instead of the empty void, there should be water, as a symbol that they're about to get flooded.
  2. What is the celestial crown you're blabbering about? The celestial crown - as its name states - is a very unique item which is only obtainable after slaying the Lunar Champion. This item emits light in a big radius, grants sanity and also spawns gestalts when fighting something. However, given the tedious process of even getting that event to begin, let alone fighting the boss, for such a difficulty to obtain it feels quite underwhelming. In spite of all that, I have a few ideas that might make that marvelous crown feel like you're a king of the moon (in miniature). Now keep in mind... when I hear the term "celestial crown" I personally imagine a complete game changer: 1. Buffing the gestalts. Normally, a greater gestalt deals around 180 hit points of damage, however, when having them as a by-fighter, they only deal 45 dmg per hit, thus making them tremendously weak. Buffing them to the actual damage they have would be greatly appreciated (no pun intended). 2. Walking on ground would leave a lunar-glass like trail, which would shatter after 3 seconds, dealing 53 - 152 points of damage based on the phase of the moon. The player however can also walk on water, causing a trail which lasts for the same amount of time as the ground counterpart. Standing still however will NOT generate new trails, so better get on walking or end up drowning! 3. Summon an eye of the storm as a hurricane at the cost of either hunger or health. Such a special ability would clear out an entire area with ease (rocks, structures, trees, basically anything that can be broken) whilst also dropping ALL the resources. (basically act like a deconstruction staff). This ability however, can only be used during rain / thunderstorms or full moon and has a 3 days cooldown. 4. Call a beam of celestial light upon an enemy to instantly kill them (only works on the ground, if used in the caves, it would cause a vitreoasis to spawn, whilst also triggering an earthquake). The ability can be used on any mobs / bosses and even players (if you really want to ruin the experience of others). When used, a beam of light would slowly circle the player, seeking for anything in a 3 tiles radius. If the player gets close to a hostile mob, the light would target the entity, and begin encasing them in lunar rock. If used on small mobs then destroying them would drop around 3 - 5 moon rocks // if used on bosses however, mining them would drop around 15 - 22 moon rocks + their respective loot table (the % remain unchanged) 5. Become a gestalt yourself. An active ability that upon triggered, the player would turn into a gestalt, shifting the game into a mirror-like sub-pocket universe (upon activation a new world will be generated, the old one will not be destroyed, but neither accessible until the player finishes their quest). One's goal would be to defeat the big baddies one more, and try to assemble a lunar mirror, which can only be activated near the lunar altar. Once exiting the mirror world, the mirror will shatter and remain unusable. Whilst in gestalt form: the player only has 50 hp, no sanity / enlightenment but a 50 hunger (buffed characters will get these stats altered as well). After completing your mirror quest, the player achieves true balance, with the ability to shift into a gestalt and back to the normal form at any time. Benefits of being a gestalt: immunity towards were-creatures / moon corrupted mobs; +5 walking speed, a rechargeable one-hit shield (on a 23.9 seconds cooldown after the attack) and the ability to walk on the seas and the void in the caves. Weaknesses however: nightmare creatures will hurt 2x as much, and also instantly aggro on you if in close proximity. When shifting forms, any hostile mobs nearby will be frozen in moon rock, and the player will gain the "drowsy" effect for 5 seconds. Looking forward to your replies on the whole thing!
  3. Yeehaw if my day couldn't get any bloody better! Time to go wreck some havoc on the lunar islands once more!
  4. Got a little list for that: - when dwelling inside the ruins and the nightmare cycle is at its climax - lunacy / insanity filters, especially during summer and winter make it rather hard to see anything - certain turf types - generally overall look on the game (tiny details for example on characters / cosmetics, as these tend to blend with the environment or are nearly impossible to be noticed) Sure there's more, but those four were the ones that can really affect one's experience
  5. Wait a second? Nautical collection??? Golly I cannot wait to see a new skin for the trident!
  6. The snaggletooth wormhole skin truly gives me a lot of construction ideas
  7. Golly did this game need such QoL changes so badly! Intriguing mechanics and also, lovely touch on the late joining players regarding resource management
  8. Oh my... I guess I'll finally have a second chance to get a more crystal clear view of the sky
  9. There is a bug that hinders the new mushrooms from making you go asleep. All the player has to do is spam analyze something in their proximity. Doing so the player will talk instead of falling asleep, but will surely suffer from the reduced movement speed penalty. The bug won't happen every time you do so, but the probability is not very small either. Found it out after eating those new shrooms and examined the fire camp right before falling asleep. The animation got cancelled and I was able to move freely (that being with the hindered movement speed of course)
  10. Wurt is not gonna like the appearance of that cave creature...
  11. Game swaps ocean texture (aside from costal) to the non-traversable one.