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  1. You're a terrible admin. It doesn't violate anything.
  2. Arguing with a guy on suggestions and feedback without resulting to bad words. He kept contradicting everything he said so I called him ignorant and apparently it's against the rules.
  3. You are truly ignorant if you think you made any good criticism at all.
  4. Your criticism is nothing but bad opinions and contradictions. Organization is not a talent and not at all crucial. "We" dont vote anything. We simply like or dislike other ideas, there is no voting.
  5. First of all, organization is not a talent and if you need to "learn" how to place items in a chest its meant for, then idk what to say. Secondly, its not "we" its the developers of the game. All "we" do is throw ideas for others to reflect on.
  6. You're real oblivious. My point was that you're trying to bring construction from real life into a game. By your logic the game shouldnt even exist at all because it has real concepts. Man made doesnt even mean anything, its just stating whats been made and by whom. Plus i never even said we should have it in dst, all i said was i liked the idea. Apparently saying the word "stupid" means im not behaving myself. It's not even a bad word.
  7. I've been trying to find a world i like by exploring the first 2 days with walter and his pet woby. But whenever i decide the world is no good, i regen the map. I usually regen the map 2 times before it's actually a different map. Sometimes i get lucky and its a new map right away. Sometimes i get the same map 3 times in a row. Idk if this is just me but its been annoying me lately.
  8. You're pretty stupid thinking about the map being made of 90% ponds. No one in their right mind would do that. Also what the heck is your problem being so negative? Like you're really going to bring in actual construction requirements from real life into a conversation. Thats like saying oh we cant build a science machine because we arent scientists and all we have are rocks and gold. Like how the hell does rock gold and lumber make a science machine? Its a game, so stop with your negativity.
  9. Its a turn off turn on machine lol, so theres no problem with it picking things up all the time genius. Also when it gets flung to a designated sign, its most likely that someone would make a chest right next to the sign stupid. Who the hell likes to clean up, no one in their right mind would agree with you about that. Also, "places is a required talent" what the hell are you talking about lmfao. That doesn't even make any sense.
  10. I see alot of steps for pc but none for console so its kind of sad when psn is down right now
  11. Lmao he's mad about something that isn't even Klei's fault. PSN has been buggy the past week with server maintenance. Going by with how rude you talk, it's no wonder they deleted your post. Even after being rude, you have the audacity demand a refund. Instead of asking why your post was deleted by a single moderator, you decided to lash out at everyone who isn't even involved. Even if refunds did exist for dst, you'd be the one person who would be denied that right.
  12. Requirement to build: 2 gears / 2 stone bricks / Beefalo Horn Requirement to use: Make a sign first and attach desired item you wish to be tossed there. Action: Same width as the ice flingomatic. Sucks up all items on the ground within range and tosses them to a sign assigned with the item. Now you can actually clean up your base with no problem instead of saying, "meh, I'll do it eventually."
  13. How does crafting ponds make no sense? There's tons of man-made ponds irl. The idea is cool but I don't think it has much impact to the game. Meaning the developers probably won't do this. Personally I like the idea of breeding my own fish in my own pond.
  14. You could, you know. Just not die by being careful or rollback your world by a day.
  15. Woodie is one of my favorite characters, having lucy his invincible axe along side him. I haven't played him much lately and just getting back to him. So my 2 biggest issue with his rework is 1: his timer is too short and doesn't replenish. 2: He loses sanity/health when turning and transform back with 0 hunger, losing even more health during your desperate scramble for food. I liked him the way he was before and now isn't so bad either but I feel like I almost never want to transform now due to the consequences. Here's a few easy fix suggestions. 1: When eating an idol, he doesn't need to lose health or sanity. Losing hp to transforming just doesn't make much sense. Sanity being taken away isn't needed due to the constant sanity drain in the "were" mode. 2: Let his forms have their own unique ways of replenishing their time. Let Werebeaver go back to chomping on trees, Moose to gain while fighting and give goose the ability to eat seeds to regain his timer. 3: When his transformation end, leave him with 5-10 hunger, sort of a small grace period during your moment of panic to look for food. 4: Give the Weregoose a speed buff. Weregoose is pretty pointless as it does nothing but run to explore parts of the map. Sadly beefalos/Woby can outrun him which makes him obsolete. Sure he can run onto water and explore the sea but are you really going to risk drowning? Give him some small unique skill and movement speed buff maybe?