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  1. I picked Wendy, Webber and Walter for the same reason as Lumberlocke. Plus I feel like Wendy would make for an amazing gothic horror novelist, imagine her publishing a bestselling novel about the Constant!
  2. Wendy, I was knee-deep in my emo/goth phase when I discovered this game and Wendy’s “Life is pain” quotes resonated with me a lot at the time. I’ve since changed quite a lot since then but Wendy’s always been my favourite character.
  3. Those seem like interesting ideas, very fitting of those characters. This was another idea I had, but I feel that Walani’s default attire is already pretty pirate-like, all she’d need is a pirate hat reskin for the straw hat or top hat to complete the look. This is just my opinion though and I have seen people say she looks more cowgirl than pirate.
  4. I’d like skins for her surfboard too, although belonging skins tend to be only used for character refreshes, but this could still be a possibility. Oh my God I didn’t realize I wanted this until now! Those sketches are awesome!
  5. I thought since the running animation consists of the character’s legs flailing from left to right in an already exaggerated fashion it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement. I thought Walani could have a skin from an existing set kinda like how Warly got a Victorian skin despite not being added to the game until long after the gorge event ended.
  6. Whenever a new character is added to DST that is either, completely new(e.g. Wortox or Wurt) or ported from existing DLC(e.g. Warly or Wormwood), they have all had three skins released alongside them, so which characters would you choose to port to DST and what skins would you give them? I would port a reworked Walani to DST and for skins I would give her: More traditional surfer attire, such as a Wetsuit. A volcano themed Magmatic set. A mermaid skin. (I might attempt to draw this but my art is terrible)