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  1. when standing near the polar star (casted by moon caller), player once reach -2 degree, it is almost impossible to be heat up again. even when standing next to 2 furnace or a full fueld fire camp. it consistantly drain player HP until they die, and there is nothing a play can do to stop the freeze
  2. beef multiply when putting a bell inside woby and rejoin the server. was first attempt to tame the 2nd beef while putting first beef bell inside woby.
  3. When server save the game in morning, usually there is a small glitch or lag that last for a second. However, in pengull parade klei server, the lag prolonged for at least 5 mins every day.
  4. Good morning, My apologize if this is something that was intended. So apparently i am having the lavae tooth with me, just like Beefalo bell and when i leave the server (dedicated one), the lavae however does not exit with me but rather stay back and caught base on fire due to hunger. I write this new bug just to wonder if its possible to leave the server along with lavae if you are holding the tooth. Kind regards, Cupcake