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  1. Well, thats considering it got on the list in the first place witch I'm pretty sure it didn't. Other than that, I agree though it can be a little cheaty for infinite light/bristle Blossom. (I should say, didn't get noticed instead of ignored)
  2. Basically, you can build multiple Mini-Pods if you use the pipette tool on a blueprint Mini-Pod if none have been built beforehand. I reported this issue about 3 months ago and it got ignored? Well, I was surprised to see the exploit still around when I got back on the game today. So here is a new post, with a video to clearly show the exploit. Video 2021-04-22 18-15-43.mp4 It such a simple exploit that lets players build a finite amount of Mini-Pods. The game doesn't check for existing Mini-Pod blueprints when using the copy/pipette tool and nothing is done later on to avoid the duplicants from building them. Its not gamebreaking, you can't print multiple stuff or anything, but something that clearly shouldn't happen. Hope this doesn't get ignored.
  3. I did have debug mode enabled when I discovered this "exploit" because I always leave that option on to delete some undestructible parts in the way of my base. Did not use debug to make the porta-pods.
  4. You have two options to fix it - use the debug tool to destroy the door or - destroy the rocket capsule and rebuild it
  5. I had the same issue, I tryed to force a dupe to equip a suit I found on the last planet or the dupe pissed in the rocket, I don't remember (I also couldn't make her equip the ***** suit) but I noticed back when she was at the home base, she had a soiled suit debuf and I had to make her equip an other suit to fix it.
  6. This bug works if you use the pipette tool (Copy Building) on the porta pod-while it's still in blueprint form. Once one of the porta pod has been built, you cannot place more. On this image below, I placed the first porta-pod at the right and then used the pipette tool to be able to place an other one and so on.
  7. Actually, it did deploy but I was expecting the same behaviour has the other modules, I don't know how to delete this post though