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  1. Sorry, the internet has not been very good recently, so I haven't been able to provide timely feedback This is the file I got in version 408920. output_log.txt
  2. Hi, I have tried "Verify Integrity of Local Files" and unsubscribed all MODs and deleted mods.json. But unfortunately, the problem still appeared.
  3. 你好,我已经补上了文件。但我没有找到DMP 文件,这个文件也需要嘛? Hi, I have made up the file. But I didn't find the DMP file. Is this file needed? output_log.txt
  4. I purchased this game via steam six months ago, but I found that my laptop cannot run the official version! I have tried reinstalling DX, VC ++, Windows and it still looks like this (This translation is from Google Translate) 我在半年前通过steam购买了这个游戏,但我发现我的笔记本电脑无法运行正式版本! 我已经尝试过重新安装DX、VC++、Windows都还是这个样子