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  1. Yeah that makes sense, i'm not really into megabasing or base building in general, since i play in ps4 everything will be poorly placed either way, so i never bothered with it, but i can see where you're coming from. Huh, didn't know Catcoons ate trinkets, and yeah i kinda forgot about lureplants. Also can we talk about people who hammer Catcoon dens?
  2. The houses part, i understand, but why not smash pig heads, they have no other purpose, they do nothing besides give you pig skin a few twigs and maybe nightmare fuel if you break them at full moon, otherwise they just sit there, doing nothing, keeping them intact is just keeping yourself short on pigskin and/or helmets. And about graves, why would you keep them undug? sure they aren't renewable but, keeping them undug "for later" just means that you're leaving a trinket or a gear or nightmare fuel further away from your base, digging them or not doesn't really change anything because their resources can only be lost by a moleworm eating them, which even then doesn't get rid of the resource entirely, so not digging graves and also not breaking pig heads is just leaving resources further away from your base, which can be inconvenient.
  3. If you press the dismantle button on the portable tent very quickly it'll give you the portable tent item but will restart the animation making a second portable tent, this can be done indefinetly so you can get infinite of them very quickly.
  4. So, after a session with some friends while playing with Walter, we've discovered a few glitches and bugs, i don't know if the PC version has these or not, as i play on PS4, so, lets move on to the glitches. 1. Walter's Ghost is invisible. When you die Walter's ghost doesn't appear, but this is only a visual glitch, and you can still interact with everything else. 2. The portable tent map icon. When a portable tent is placed down, instead of it's map icon showing, it shows Warly's portable grinder icon. 3. While telling stories his hat goes missing. Very self explanatory. 4. The Tophat is invisible while on the floor. When dropped on the floor the Tophat becomes invisible. 5. Other characters receive the "tell a story" prompt. When near a campfire as any character it will give you the option to tell a story, if you're not Walter however they'll just say "only_used_by_walter" 6. Dismantling a tent while being used. If you try to dismantle a tent that IS occupied the character will say "only_used_by_warly" i imagine because the first item with a dismantle option was warly. 7. Recovering burnt portable tents. If a portable tent is burnt and then dismantled it'll come back like nothing ever happened. 8. Portable tent duplication. I really like this one, but i know that it has to be patched, if you spam the dismantle button on a portable tent it'll restart the animation, however it'll still give you a portable tent back, making it possible to have infinite portable tents. (And gives a great willow sanity station) I think that's all the ones i found, i hope these get fixed soon, they aren't bad, as they don't really change much and most are visual glitches, but the tent one is just very broken.
  5. Ok, Walter can easily kill tentacles with the slingshot, that's good, i imagine nightmare creatures might be similar. Also could someone see how much damage each round does?
  6. I'm gonna give Walter 3 and a half carrots out of 5, he seems like a really cool character to play but i feel like he needs some real downsides, and obviously we'll have to wait until he actually comes out to figure how good he actually is.