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  1. Since we are at the topic of QOL fixes , and with bees being included in some way . is it feasible to make the BEE QUEEN CROWN don’t trigger the bees inside the bee box upon harvesting ? or making them neutral when using the crown during spring.?
  2. Fish book summons fish (good) Pyrokinetics eliminates fire around you (also gives you fiery pen that acts like fire staff, and it gives you more % of it if you extinguish more things(1 use per extinguished thing, up to 10)) Overcoming arachnophobia spawns web that slows down things Tempering temperatures makes your temperature average (35) Lux aeterna summons light on you Practical rain rituals turns on/off rain (depends on if rain is active or not) Lunar grimoire makes it fullmoon Apicultural notes summons 3 friendly grumble bees The everything encyclopedia gives you all alchemy engine recipes to oyu and any player in a 4 tile radius (magic not included) Horticulture expanded (grows 15 food based plants/crops nearby) Lux aeterna redux summons BIGGER LIGHT
  3. so hort expanded just gives +5 plants to grow..? that's it? i'd like it to be 10 or 15 of each food base plant (aka 10/15 crops, 10/15 berries, 10/15 bananas and so on) you keep it balanced but remniscent to her old book
  4. use 2 lureplants lol , still works that way, tested and confirmed
  5. the rain book is amazing , i don't get the beef(alo) on it , natural rain still happens, finally a manual way to get rid of the already annoying frog rain
  6. as for the woodie issue i think they should bring back Wilba's silver necklace or something similar to it to prevent fullmoon's transformation. and as for the rain , rain keeps happening as normal , but now she can toggle it off or on at will if people doesn't want to struggle with frog rains or summer scorch
  7. so she is inmune to celestial champion and lunar in general too , wow
  8. oh.... now that i think of it.... seems wickerbottom can't enjoy from winter's feast gifts anymore , since i used to rely on moon shrooms. welp a small cost ig
  9. oh what i meant is the actual book lol . my suggestions would make it way better , would equalize to wanda's ability to tp to ruins or lunar
  10. ooof , i mean would make sense that way. but so far it's a niche and very limited use book
  11. If you want to make it the ultimate bookworm godess , imagine if the encyclopedia book could work as a "brain of thought" book straight up form shipwrecked. but making it a high cost book (-100 sanity per use , 3 uses ) and still being locked behind book usages rather than permanently unlocking it. not as creative but unlocking it you still require the resources.(this means pseudo , lunar and events crafts avail with the book) and maybe locking it to have the actual sanity to consume it ? that's a real encyclopedia this really would need a balance but imagine the possibilities heh imagine an insomnia meter , crafting every book gives you insomnia and the more insomnia, the more passive sanity loss you get , or something LMFAO
  12. Can we get a book that toggles rain on and off ?
  13. Deerclops and the Moon Can you feel it? , You feel the gaze of not 1 but 2 fearsome entities?? Be prepared to get insane.... or rahter... lunatic?? TADSPORE You ever wondered how would Toadstool look if it was a Rock Den critter?? well... here's how it looks. I present to you , Tadspore! Hope you like it !
  14. can we get a recoloring of red hounds ? it's hard to distinguish with summer and dusk filters . also , thank you for the hard work as always .
  15. Now that you are tweaking some mobs on these current hotfixes... can we get a distinguishable re-color for FIRE HOUNDS??? I't hard to see when it's a normal hound or a red hound. Maybe brightening the red to make it more obvious? between the summer filter and/ or dusk fillters it's hard to tell what you're fighting .
  16. There's a a yellowish frame at the sides of the wardrobe menu
  17. Can i make a suggestion? since we are talking about bee queen's crown , wouldn't be nice if when using the crown the bees inside the beebox don't get agro on us upon harvesting them ? just as spider queen hat makes spiders neutral to us Or maybe making them neutral on spring .... Keep up the good job klei , thanks for this QOL!
  18. After this current hotfix , the moonstorm event is not available, not showing up in any way. checking the alters, to make sure they were socketed , but the problem remains.
  19. I love how they added lunar setting features. But , wouldn't it better having it on a different tab just as caves ? just for accesibility. Aside from that, i think everything is perfect
  20. As someone highly uncultured about how programming works.... i've been trying to find a way to get the item sprite files for mod assisting purposes. mostly taking some of the images for inspiration and also for keeping the design line as accurate as can be. I'm lost on .TEX and .dvi files that idk how to convert one to another to finally get a png/jpg file since i can't find good resolution ingredients and dishes files anywhere outside from files. (by far i just found the gorge dishes pic/files on HQ on a web page but not normal dst ones).Plus, all the other pics i found are so small and low quality. Does someone knows the procedure of all this converting files stuff?? Or am i doing it wrong to begin with ?? Hopefully i'm being clear of my issue , and someone can help me.