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  1. hello, don't starve has a "dummytarget" prefab. I decided to supplement it a little and add craft, but when I finished I realized that if there are caves in the world, then it does not show damage. Could someone suggest how to fix this?
  2. How make build.bin for animation?
  3. Could someone help me with the timer, I have a book that, when read, makes a combat wurt out of an wurt, and I need it to return to its normal form after 60 seconds
  4. I'm new to modding and would love any help. I need to make Bernie beat the one who is beaten by his master or the one who is beaten by his master. I know how to check whether pvp is on or not.
  5. I managed to get him to attack the players, but I stumbled upon the fact that if I hit the player, then Bernie hits me instead of hitting the one I hit
  6. Hello everybody ! I have a question about modding Can you tell me how to make Bernie fight in pvp?
  7. I'm new to mod creation and I need help with my mod, which should spawn chests with fixed loot near players on command, but I don't understand how to make the loot fixed. I will be glad for any help)
  8. What about GLOBAL? Do not tell me where you put it
  9. Wait, maybe I added GLOBAL to the wrong place, do not tell me where exactly you added it. And yes, I realized that I confused the client and server logs And could you tell me where to find the server log?
  10. this is the problem that there is no server log, and GLOBAL.CHARACTER_INGREDIENT.HEALTH did not help
  11. I have a problem adding a crafting item. When I try to add the character's health to the ingredient, the game closes automatically when the world starts.