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  1. I'm a newer player who tries to avoid spoilers, so while I'm sure this doesn't matter to a lot of old hands, things like this make the game harder than it should be to learn. A lot of the item summaries frankly seem out of date. Plant descriptions that say they need to be live grown, critter descriptions, etc. need to be updated for the various changes over time. One example I recently had an issue with is ethanol. It says that it can be used for power, but says nothing about how you actually burn it. I look around, and there is nothing in the power category that burns ethanol, according to their descriptions. I look at the Petroleum Generator, and nothing in there that I see says that it burns ethanol (in fact, it specifically says only that it burns petroleum). It would be good to rename the generator, or somehow put a specific statement under ethanol that it will burn in a petroleum generator.