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  1. I'd like to mention the bugs that exist in DS.1.i'll lose 30 health permannently,when i attempt to use greenstaff to destroy the resurrectionstatue. 2.i set a preset of ROG with the DAY profile is Default but when the game started,i found myself trapped into the Only Night,thus nearly ruining my slot.And i hope that you can add a functionthat i can erase PRESET. backup_log.txt log.txt
  2. when you use the clean sweeper to change your skins of Abigail's flower and finally turn it to a classical skin result in its picture disappeared;what's worse,the game even crashed when you tend to change your pet dog's skin into the FROZEN series.And a little more suggestion,can your team find a way to destroy the skin-change tools.Durability should attaches to this tools I think.Thank you very much!