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  1. If the materials that made it were strong, I doubt a small rock would puncture it. I like this idea.
  2. I mean, it makes sense. The lord seems more like a mini boss to me than a full fledged one. And the other mini bosses, treeguards and spider queens, also don't have figure sketches. That doesn't stop me from wanting one tho.
  3. I once had a dream where Deerclops spawned directly inside of my Koalefant pen. Instead of fighting back, the Koalefant chose to flee into the fence, and somehow literally teleported through it and ran to safetly. Wizard Koala. I also had a dream where we somehow found a way to respawn and farm Ancint Guardian without actually killing Fuelweaver. I have dedicated my life to searching for the true wizard Koala.
  4. Yeah, my long-term world also has their fair share of weird stuff/bugs/exclusive stuff. I have a day 1000 celebratory statue that was supposed to be a Fuelweaver statue, but switched to a Pawn due to a bug that they fixed later, which made it way cooler imo. I also have a nice patch of old farm plots that you can't make anymore. "They don't make these anymore, son."
  5. True, nobody said that the next RoT update would be the last one, and I seriously hope it isn't. The actual Return of Them seems like it's going to be a big deal, and I would rather have it split into three or two medium sized updates than one massive one. And I'm sure it would be easier on the devs as well.
  6. The holding and ground sprites look off, but I'm sure with some tweaks it would have been a good addition. There's a lot of unimplemented stuff that would have been cool in game. Dunno why they removed it, but someone could probably mod it in.
  7. Sounds like a reasonable change to make to your worlds. Especially if you like covering your bases with them.
  8. Just because there is a bug doesn't mean you can tell people to shut up if their solution doesn't work for you. Just saying.