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  1. From my experience messing around. Even with world gen options before starting the world. No, they'll always appear.
  2. Winona with her bandana skin and Wolfgang with his head on bandana skin for bandits. Me and my friend, we're terrorising our world with the nasty combo. The heart of the gang.
  3. Thanks. I imagine a mango would improve my quality of life in the don't starve universe significantly.
  4. Was a quality of life update said or hinted at to be in August?
  5. Short term servers wouldn't need to go out of their way to fight an endurance boss. Long term servers already survived everything the game has thrown against them. Seems like a decent addition to me. You have my vote.
  6. I played Wormwood for over 500 days with a Wolfgang friend. While the combat was easier, I nonetheless got experience playing this little tree. Starting early, play more careful, try not to get hit as much as possible. Always wear protection before engaging. Manure only restores 2 health and nothing has yet rot for you to start making compost wraps. Don't cut your arm if you have no way to heal what you just lost. But on the upside, red mushrooms and monster meat are good food. The sanity lost from the monster meat could easily be regained. An evergreen reduces your sanity, but drops two pinecones allowing you to regain more than you lost. Wormwood is very flexible with his sanity. Allowing easy management and recovery after boss fights. Healing salves require rocks, glands. and ashes. Which frankly seems quite expensive even if they provide 20 health. I decided to hasten in acquiring bee boxes and create papyrus as my main source of healing within combat. Wherever you decide to build your bee boxes, put them even further than when you normally do. Later on you could use jellybeans for big boss fights such as re-killing the dragonfly and the fuelweaver itself. Since you can plant seeds anywhere and those come in abundance. You can easily mass farm anything. If you're playing with friends, a dragon fruit garden will make you popular among the cool kids. But otherwise if you're alone, pumpkins are great to be eaten raw and can be cooked into pumpkin cookies for sanity. Not that you'll ever need them, but a bonus nonetheless. In spring, you will starve. Have an abundance of food. Crops are likely to not be enough. You can take the gamble of making monster lasagna or bacon and eggs, lasagna doesn't fill you up but it doesn't reduce your health. Bacon and eggs were always great. Preparing for spring as wormwood is like preparing for winter as other characters. Treat it as spring is the month before your hibernation starts if you're a bear, if you think you have enough food. You don't. 150 hunger loss in one day is significant. I had to pause as I fought dragonfly and toadstool because I almost starved. The movement speed is great, but always watch your belly. I'm making it sound worse than it actually is, it isn't close to the end of the world. But it's something to always keep in your mind. You'll also have to watch out for bees. They'll find you wherever you are. In summer, I haven't tested if flingomatics will keep your crops up since we always had meat to fill our daily needs. But that could prove useful for your farms if they work. I had a sista lean to eventually to restore heatlh as a cheaper source instead of trying to get more reeds for enough papyrus to heal any minor wound. It's best to keep consumables for mid action while the tent for arm cutting or after battle recovery. The best thing about wormwood is his production of bramble husks. You only need one and harvesting cactus will become a recurring ritual. Nothing is greater than plucking cactus without getting hurt. Great sanity, great summer healing properties for friends. Everybody can wear it and do the job themselves. Even as an addition, you can even use it to gather spiky bushes for twigs. To sum it up. Your healing item would be honey poultice, have enough food for spring. Plant seeds and make a big garden. And finally have enough food for spring.
  7. Two masts and an anchor is good for us. Ice chester for summer. We don't sail in winter.
  8. Whoever made the wormwood skin deserves a raise. A masterpiece.
  9. Warly's good in theory. Awful when put in practice. With a glance, reduced damage buff, increased damage buff, no wetness, swap sanity and health, more resources gathered in time, cold food, hot food! But if we break it down to reach that point, it's quite a lengthy road. First and foremost, farms. We need a lot of farms. And those aren't cheap to come by, and aren't so yielding. All these rocks, fertiliser, and grass going into one farm plot, and you'll need more than one farm plot. If there are more players into the lobby, you'll need even more to keep up with the demand. Then the farm plots don't grow in winter or summer, so two seasons you're forced to be on hold. But it doesn't matter, we achieved the dream, 30 farm plots. It took time but they're finally here. Let's begin farming. You grow a crop and it's chilli pepper. You give it to the bird, the bird eats it, and gives you one chilli seed. So now we have to wait for another one chilli pepper to grow again, and be lucky enough this time the bird decides to give two. But with enough time we hit it, 30 farm plots, 30 chilli, 20 chilli spice. Now we do the same for garlic, which would take approximately the same time. But of course it will eventually happen. Now it's time to make the volt jelly. For that we need horns, and take account how many players need that jello. The horn isn't very much a common drop, and depending on your luck and the amount of players, we might need to wait for the herd to reproduce again. There's also the matter of the weather pain, which you'll have to sacrifice in order to make the blue dish. But we did it, in the end we did it. Spicy blue jello and garlic bacon and eggs, 6 pierogi on the side for Wicker and WX, with honey poultice to serve dear Warly. Sweet powder cakes for quick cutting. All wailing on wet toadstool. Naturally, the giant frog is now a roast frog. But in the end you beg the question. Was all this work you put in worth it? Sixty days harvesting something other than mangoes, gambling with a bird, ignoring seasonal distractions. All to roast one giant frog in a destructive fashion? Couldn't we have done this faster with a better team composition? Yes, it would have been faster. Would it have been as fun though? No, it would have not. And that's where Warly has his cake, he's fun. Mad fun.
  10. My friend honey poultice always proved to be reliable. When I was Wormwood and the fuelweaver was acting sassy? Honey poultice soothed my wounds. When I was Warly and fuelweaver strangled my cook? Honey poulticed sedated my mind. When the dragonfly slapped me and burnt my crops? Honey poultice told me it's going to be fine. Honey poultice always was by my side. Side note: Contrary to popular belief, Warly is not strong.
  11. I play and love Winona more than any other on this list. But I'll have to disagree. I find her in a decent spot as she is. I'll be on the same page as you. Having machines do your work is very appealing and satisfying. In Winona's purpose, you mentioned her strength in putting art in artillery and firepower. But then you went to touch more on her rock draining necessities. I believe Winona's engineering skills demonstrated by her catapults display and excellent replacement to the old fashioned teeth trap against hound waves. Her flex tapes are an extremely cheap sewing kits and even as mentioned previously boat patches. Unlike sewing kits and boat patches however, the materials needed being 3 grass and one silk are materials you could always keep in your inventory for emergency crafting as grass is essential and silk only sacrifices one spot. It's a simple object, but never has not been useful. As for new toys. There's a line where the gadget would be less of a gadget and more of a needed device. In the fact whatever she should be able to craft should be replaceable since a character should never be a must pick, and as it is some see Winona already as a temporary visitor to the constant. An automatic harvester rivalling lureplants for example would be great however it would be implemented. But for example an automatic dropped item looter would have only a finite orange amulet to rival it, and it either would have to be a very expensive and high fuel consuming looter, or to not exist at all. Currently Winona's downside are the very slow crafting when she's hungry and her hunger drain upon crafting a new item. While it has a timer before she gets hungry again. It's still noticeable especially after transitioning to another character. I kid you not, Wigfrid and Walter took longer to starve than an average day as Winona. And of course as you already shed light on, her resource extensive craft when a Wolfgang could do the same or slightly less with a couple of meat stews. But I have to admit the fact her downside not forcing a specific playstyle is a primary reason I love this lady. My verdict, maybe a boat upgrades would be a decent addition. But I have no problems or felt Winona lacking in any way currently.
  12. Fine work. I'd like to know how to keep tabs so I could return to this whenever I need as well as keep up with any updates. So the reel bonus displayed below could either be positive or negative. And if I have to guess, for rot, seeds, and berries it's better to leave your bait idle than reel it in to get a nibble? What about different water types? Are they indicated by the sea colour or more by the density of rocks in the area? What's the exact difference between swell and rough?
  13. You can help other players even if you completed the previous one prior. Make sure at the first part both of you press the buttons at the same time or without much delay. The first part is janky in getting you to the second part.
  14. You're good in the double square spot. I'd recommend avoiding basing next to water because penguins don't respect privacy as much as a normal being would. Moreover it would limit the amount of space you have when you need to expand. You're alright where you want to be. There won't be any beef troubling you.
  15. What Warly lacks in greatness compared to others he makes up for in the fun department. There is no better feeling in this game than to slap your red hot flaming pot in the wilderness and cooking up a warm stew for the entire party. That sweet crock pot emits enough light Walter should reconsider what kind of light he's supposed to read his campfire stories at. When barbecue is in, the camp is complete. If Warly would need to get better. It would be indirect, as nothing is more crippling than the farms we harvest. You can have enough honey crystals to spice your life but you couldn't get one garlic to save your life. Or better yet merge him with Wolfgang. A super picky eater who enjoys cooking and eating some good food and makes up for it with a show of incomparable strength. The ballet in the box, the bullet in the gun, the inner glow to let you call your brother son.