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  1. Yes, but it wasn't the middle of summer. It was only 3 days in.
  2. Very strange. Normally when I stand under a tree, the heat warning goes away.
  3. Okay... but doesn't standing under a tree reduce your temperature?
  4. if I'm standing under a tree on the third day of summer, holding an Eyebrella, and the heat warning will not go away?
  5. Ikr! The ocean would be better if DST used the SW system and contents.
  6. We've had a Webber Rework Ideas thread on the Don't Starve Wiki for a while, so I decided to bring it somewhere klei might see them. So here's a summary of the ideas, Grouped by their urgency. Top priority: 1. Stop spider wars. 2. Port the Shamlet Mask. 3. Give befriended spiders full and hungry animations. 4. Make spiders give webber sanity. 5. Make players unable to backstab followers (not just spiders) with control-F. 6. Add a -5 sanity penalty when killing spiders and a -50 penalty for spider queens. Nice editions: 1. Special quotes for befriended spiders. 2. Give spiders the ability to wear headgear. 3. Make followers (not just spiders) able to travel between the caves and the surface like in singleplayer. 4. Have spiders assist webber when something attacks him. 5. Add spider den skins for each of webber's skins (the snowfallen one would be a three-layered snowman, one layer for each tier, for example). 6. Make spiders neutral to chester when the eye bone is in Webber's inventory. Low priority: 1. Make webber gain sanity for planting spider dens. 2. Have Webber's sanity drain during day instead of dusk and night. 3. Spiders should stop attacking players when befriended. 4. Give Webber the ability to craft Spilagmites. Unsure (Possably OP, for example): 1. Make sticky webbing and cobblestones a secondary turf that goes on top of other turfs.