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  1. So expanding on the idea on a existing creature in dst like some kind of sub-species?
  2. i wonder what wormwood the Victorian would look like... probably a scarecrow
  3. Let’s cheer ourselves up with A little hosting from mr static
  4. - faker/stalker this being will appear when the player is suffering from a lack of sanity and then will just stare at the player making them uneasy and then they will charge at the player however they won’t harm them but disappear when they get to them causing a small sanity decrease - siren a siren will generally appear near a pile of rocks in the middle of the sea, when ever a player might be driving near their area the siren will sing a song and will manipulate the driver of the ship to crash into rocks or if there’s no steering wheel it will then try to put one of the players to sleep or 2, however the one of which aren’t manipulated by the siren can try to wake up the player from the hypnosis or kill the siren. - collectors There has been people who had discovered the ruins however they never left on the account of they’re greed, the collectors are strange creatures that has a obsession with gems and strange artifacts, if a player is carrying any gemstones or magic stuff the collector will attack the player and after killing them steal what they deem as value to them. They also hate each other and will constantly get into fights with one and another - flower mothers flower mothers are usually in the more plant infested parts of the caves, flower mothers are like tree guardians however they protect all of the nature and will defend them with root like tendrils - mimic in the ruins there are some chests that shouldn’t be opened, the mimics are cursed chests that will attack the player if the mimic was interacted with, after killing the mimic they will drop what ever item they were holding. that was another creature concept yet again however it’s just a idea nothing more
  5. Introducing the one man band If only ragtime had a ending instead of a endless loop
  6. How could I ever forget about the screecher! The only wendigo that Carries a more owl like appearance unlike the usual deer like appearance
  7. There’s nothing else to say about this but... plague doctor
  8. It’s not bad, in fact the silhouette of Charlie is quite well postured along with the fingers
  9. This one kinda reminds me of William carter and Arthur Hastings from we happy few
  10. Next on the list is the barber When you know you went to the wrong barber shop
  11. I think clockwork pawns, kings and queens would had been a nice edition with the chess theme
  12. Pretty much, I thought It was a cool idea of a creature or being that had access to most areas of a building and even a person biological functions kinda like a living skeleton key Besides most of my inspiration comes from games like little nightmares and even don’t starve
  13. - gear monger amongst the piles of scrap and gears with in the ruins there are some that aren’t quite dead yet, the gear monger is a machine that is both bishop, rook and Knight clashed together to make a wreckage of a machine that hungers for gears and scrap - polterwraith (credit to minespatch for coining the name) what happens when a ghost stays in the world of the living for too long, when the ghost becomes a polterwraith they become more fast and more reckless to kill the player, during a full moon polterwraiths will spawn other then normal ghosts - clockwork pawn a small clockwork which is designed to run up to players and explode, however the player can kill them and receive a small reward of gunpowder and 1 gear - nightmares when ever the player is suffering of a lack of sanity and try’s to sleep it off there will be a chance that a nightmare will approach and try to drain they’re sanity while they’re a sleep, however nightmares are very weak and can be killed if they wake up or if a friend of they’re helps them - ancient hierophant Much like the fuelweaver, the hierophant is a construct of both physical material and pure nightmare, while a nightmare phase begins the hierophant will appear carrying tomes and tablets of stone with it so he can use the magic with in it to defend himself (this might end up being a boss if I think about it more) that at was some of my concept, they aren’t fully detail but it’s a idea nothing more then a idea
  14. Here’s some filler if people are getting bored introducing the bellman
  15. Anyway, while I’m trying to figure out the shape of the next piece, I kinda want to start a small conversation about woodlegs appearing In dst besides it would make sense for him appearing seeing how sea fairing is now a thing in dst, what do you guys think?
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if the origin of the codex was created by Edward kelly, I could imagine Edward saying « we must hide this book to protect future generations » then manny years later a young William carter finds it and use it for his magic act
  17. Thank you for the suggestion that other thing is what would happen if a coat hanger was fused with your everyday servant. I’ll also take that one too and thank you
  18. If anyone has any suggestions i’ll Gladly take them..