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  1. Oh no Wilson gonna kill Maxwell- Oh no
  2. I haven’t found Hermit Island yet... But this update is AWESOME, AND I LOVE ITTT!!
  3. Can’t wait to see ur Screenshot <3 <3 And yes I don’t say (Jk)
  4. Yess I love this one! Aww! Nice Yeah....Poor Wendy...Abigail died... Im voting for this already!
  5. No problem! <3 Your right, Updates aren’t easy to make! If I have any idea I’ll comment on here right away!, Nice ideas tho! ^^
  6. I think this is an awesome idea!!! <3 The Year of the Carrat idea is also pretty nice!! Ur pets could just train!, That idea is absolutely awesome, I think it should add this. But I think they could take long ^w^