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  1. i dont remember actual first time, but not long after buying the game i was in a public server with a good amount of people. by the time the middle of winter rolled around, there was a good amount of people. base at spawn. i did not know how to play the game correctly or how to keep warm, so all i did was dance around the fire. when deerclops came... somehow, it seemed(?) like no one in the server knew what to do. we all scattered in a panic, freezing to death, and seeing the screen shake from those stomps and the deerclops's horrible red lazer beam !! and yeah, we all died... lol
  2. my support goes to you, sorry transphobes keep bashing you for such stupid reasons. makes me sad to see such random bigotry in the forums of all places:wilson_love: 

  3. *crawls in here as a moving corpse* h....hello....look at this bingus...
  4. im so glad i got into don't starve, when i first discovered it, i feared that i would buy it and never play it. cue 550 hours later... while i have spent a majority of those hours doing the forge and gorge (which, i havent done the forge in months. i hope the community for it is still active, i never seem to get those pings in public servers for the forge role anymore) the forge is honestly one of my favorite game modes and im not sure why. alongside awesome forgers, i've beaten red/green light, double trouble, and hard mode! and the gorge, we would do matches a lot, even 2 hour long matches... and the game itself, the characters, the artstyle, the environment/character design... and the fans! so much fanart that has inspired me and made me so happy hooray for dst!!!!!
  5. i miss drawing characters from this game....

    i want to do it again ........

    corn screem.jpg

  6. Funny clown man


    1. kittem


      oswald the clown is my best friend

  7. i've had many, ranging from scenarios where i see characters acting out as if i was playing the game, from dreaming about telling my friends about the game, to creepypasta-like situations that will never be possible (including having a dream where deerclops was in real life, destroying everything and killing everyone i knew.) most notably, after a day of me playing dst and preparing to engage in going to the ruins, i had a dream that went over every single thing i had done in preparation and was successful in my ruins journey! i woke up pleased note: said ruins journey never happened because right after this, i pretty much stopped playing dst and i may be better off making a whole new world if i ever were to do this again
  8. can i be honest, i dont understand why "being able to use skins in an offline world is problematic" this is an honest question, not being mean. why? i hate that when i use an offline world for less lag, i can't have pretty things or skins with the characters i main that i prefer more than the default. why not just make it so we cant get drops? is it an actual programming reason, because otherwise i really cant see justification
  9. a character mostly based on mining could have capability to be a good caves character while still being able to perform on the surface for those who cant do caves. like how woodie can chop trees with ease, this character could mine faster (and maybe have more gem drops?)
  10. nice wonderlab icon. swag

  11. No more- I no longer open dst, but am sticking around the forums i stick around sometimes to see what people are doing, but hyperfocusing is a thing and once dst is out of mind, its gone for the time being. i racked up 500+ hours and havent played legit in months. being said, like half of my time was spent playing the forge mod, as a woodie main i still remember the cancel patterns but am a bit rustier. (with the occassional gorge match in there: sadly, i've forgotten some stuff about gorge despite having played it for ~2 hours straight with people multiple times) new updates like the farming update sort of make me afraid to play again because i dont have those "vital" items memorized. and dst is still there in my heart (when i play minecraft i still subconsciously was thinking that torches set things on fire, wetness meter, spoilage time, etc) and i care about the characters. eventually i'm sure i'll get back in the swing of things. but for now, i am just popping in to the forums
  12. pigs in real life can be really big. so i always imagined the pigmen to be considerably bigger especially since theyre anthro
  13. i love winona's compass quotes, because she brags about being great with directions but gets everything wrong. i love wx-78s "fuzzy bunny number one" its so weird, they're so cute. and finally, i love wheeler's sarcasm, her love of cats.... wheeler .....
  14. thank you for speaking the truth, that 'excuse' is so tiring asjkhdskj