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  1. Wigfrid using blow darts and other ranged weapons can receive doubled inspiration gain and health gain(both health gain book and battleborn), seems like she gets health/inspiration gain when she shoots the blow darts, and she gets another chance to get health/inspiration gain when the dart hits the mobs.
  2. idk if there's any of the developer will see this post, but I am going to ask if this is a typo or something intended. This is a screenshot from the new ocean horror's script: which it currently has 300 hp. This is ocean horror's data sets according to the tuning.lua: which it should has 400 hp Is it a typo or it's for testing purposes?
  3. So I was trying to make a character mod, but it crashes the game, and the error log shows this to me: [string "../mods/mod-bell/modmain.lua"]:1: attempt to call global 'require' (a nil value) And this is what I have in string 1: local MakePlayerCharacter = require ("prefabs/player_common") Which I feel little confused, I will be very appreciated if someone can give me any suggestion to solve this problem