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  1. Loaded latest beta of the Spaced Out DLC, got this strange lump on the top of my second planetoid when overseeing the planet. Certainly not how its meant to be im sure, this is the top of the world. As a side note, my log file says it hasnt updated since august, if it only updates on crashes, should it be a required upload? Perhaps you could tweak something up there to fix that problem, if so.
  2. This duplicant has been running between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, both saying they would decrease irritation with 0s remaining, however it isnt taking away minor irritation? This is happening only on the second planetoid.
  3. Update: All animations for beginning things are no longer done. This dupe teleports into beds and seating. Also includes climbing animations, meaning if the dupe climbs it immediately reaches the top.
  4. Didnt manage to capture a picture in time, but if a dupe is currently upgrading their skills, but is teleporting first, then they will teleport without the animation, pick up their hat without the animation, return to the receiver and complete the teleporting animation.
  5. The teleporter halves are not marked as industrial machinery, not sure if this is intended or not. Sorry if it is!
  6. Now, im not 100% sure if this is a bug or not, but when I discovered the TELEPORTER i got visual access to the top of the planet. This seems strange, I feel like the area that should become visible should be the area around the receiver. If this isnt a bug and is intended, sorry!
  7. When a dupes mess table is changed during a meal all of their animations turn into the eating one.
  8. I am sure you're aware of this one already: My terra spawned in with 5 printing pod locations, only one holding a printing pod. each of the 5 had ration boxes. T
  9. Plug Slugs (Love em btw) Showing sideways when in fact hanging in a corner.
  10. Have you had a look at the possibility of stacking several different kinds of engines in a rocket at once? (Done by making a rocket, undercutting it, and building a new engine below the existing one repeatedly)
  11. Are the dev team aware you can attach several engines including engines of different types to the same rocket? meaning you can pump a hydrogen + petroleum rocket with petroleum and launch it? simply done by removing floor under engine, adding floor lower, building newer engine.
  12. Good to hear! I would also like to add, the hotfix seems to have fixed this issue: Fix rocket module meters not matching the offset of their parent module for most modules, but not for the cargo bay (only tested solid cargo bay, but i assume it would be worth checking all 3!) (Pictured below) Thanks for listening to feedback!
  13. Yeah, I am updated. When you copy all you get is no pending deliveries still, sadly. Does that mean its just me? I can try verifying files...