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  1. You can make all the floor of your base with terrarium alimented in water with automaton and it's superefficient (no CO2 and a lot of polluted water bootle than give O2 for 1/1 efficience) Look at this model (not mine)
  2. First, thank for everything you make a great game and do a very good job Second "Remove Disable Delivery button from algae terrarium" was a very big mistake ! I was so happy to be able to improve terrarium automation and you broke everything! Duplicant empty terrariumm put a bootle of polluted water on the floor and automated door give water too terrarium. Best way too have oxygen ! I’ll have to wait for a mod to correct your correction... "Not mine" You’re doing a great job but for an upgrade that was supposed to improve automaton you removed a tiny little thing that has big consequences.