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  1. I agree with the previous posters about vents needing an "automated" checkbox.. same situation: now not accessible rooms contain vents that where originally shut off with shutoffs - a lot of the automation for that overlaps now with the vents & makes them either permanently open, closed or dependant on singular sensors instead of the whole logic setup.. basically this update kills my base.. please release a hotfix for this.. it's incredible frustrating to lose a base you invested countless hours in, because of an update.. EDIT: I guess I can use debug mode to fix stuff.. but that will disable achievements & it still feels ****** having to do that in the first place.. I really love you guys - you make great games & you keep updating them - even the new update looks awesome, I'm just incredible frustrated atm.. maybe the next time you update existing stuff in a potentially basebreaking way, do it like Slarti-Bartfast suggested :/