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  1. This change caused a massive problem in my base. I'm running a steam plant at 250 deg. C with 150 kg steam per tile. The output of my turbines is a liquid vent in the steam chamber, which is sealed insulated tile. There is an automation wire under the steam vent, that controls an external liquid input. With the game change, now the automation wire causes the vent to be blocked. To un-block it, I have to turn on the exernal liquid input. Now, to fix this, I'm going to have to crack that high pressure hot steam chamber open. Which means going to great lengths to do that without letting all that hot steam into my base. What heat does escape, I'll have to re-capture later. It's all just a huge pain. I know I could find an alternative that would make this work without having to open the steam chamber -- but that's not the point. The point is, that's just the first problem I found this change created, and who knows what else in my base is suddenly broken now? Back when the game was Early Access, such breaking changes are to be expected. Now, they should not happen. In the future, when making changes like this, I implore you to do one of two things: 1. Create a new structure instead of modifying existing ones on game load (like, add a new Automated Liquid Vent instead of changing existing ones) 2. Or require existing buildings to be destroyed and rebuilt to gain new connections or other potentially behavior-changing properties. Your consideration is appreciated.