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  1. I agree with lower HP and making it more dangerous, but low hunger just makes it annoying and using pins for increasing max hunger is just a waste of pins.
  2. If the subject that Jimmy is scanning is placed exactly under Jimmy when jimmy is finished, it can't get on the ground and stays up in the air doing nothing.
  3. This is because you chased it far away from the herd, it's not a bug
  4. This is bugged, installing or removing this Circuit both increases max sanity.
  5. There is no problem with having 3 speeds and night vision at the same time "IF" they pay the cost of maintaining the charges, which currently there is no cost.
  6. I think WX should have (or be able to upgrade to) a lot more, like 10 or 12 slots, instead make it very hard to get charges and easy to loose them, like when getting hit or something, so - the order of circuits becomes important - we feel the upgrading and downgrading - more circuits will be used - WX will not be a day one infinite light, instead very stronger later Anyway I think this is a whole another concept and is not gonna happen
  7. Obviously there should be a limit for each circuit, so people can't plug in 6 Health circuit and have 1000 max hp, that would be stupid.
  8. Despite having a lot of different and interesting circuits, nobody is gonna use most of them anyway. for example the hunger circuit, having 2 of them installed we can have 28% hunger drain reduction with 300 max hunger, this means more than 5 days not eating anything. Guess what? Nobody is gonna use that. and it's about most of them. Other problem that most of people are talking about is how WX can have basically free infinite light early on, which is true. So the best solution in my opinion is to make it a lot harder to get charges and easier to loose them but increase number of them a lot, so player can put important circuits at the bottom (for example light) and by gaining charges in a hard way it can become better and better, and this is very fitting to it's characteristic, because currently there is no "Upgrading" and we are basically just changing, and again most of the circuits are not gonna be used.
  9. First beta Wolfgang was so fun, really really good job. but this makes a little boring again.
  10. There should be a way to arrange items that we put in favorites tab.