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  1. I can't believe Steve is in Smash ... It sounds like something no one would think of, especially to people from five years ago or more. They've been announcing characters, and Mii skins like Sans, that I never thought I'd see in Smash.



    ... I want Wilson to be in Smash.

    Walking Alone GIFs | Tenor

    Since he is a 2D character, I thought he could have a render similar to Ness or something. I like to dream that I'll see him in Smash one day :wilson_resigned:

    1. minespatch


      Microsoft has a ton of money. Just shows where Nintendo's loyalties are.

    2. minespatch


      The trailer feels like a fan project on deviantart not a actual Nintendo advert. I- This is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

      Can you imagine Don't Stare, Hollow Knight, or Bendy getting a proper introduction?

      At least you could really try something inventive with those two. Not even Shovel Knight got this pomp en Circumstance.

      Four characters...

      Oh well, at least Dragon Quest got a huge tribute back in the day.

    3. AutumnsBeast


      Yeah, that happened to me: It didn't feel so real, and even the introduction (when Mario fell in that cave) was kind of forced or could have a better way to expose Steve. I felt it like a fan made thing. But that just my opinion about this presentation: It's not the best but not too bad, just hard to believe it's an official trailer.
      About the moveset, I found pretty interesting the "building thing" and crafting. I hope that the part where Steve is in front of a Crafting Table it's an actual mechanic not a taunt or something (But I'm sure is a mechanic). I would like to see that the stage or stages that belongs to Minecraft could be procedurally generated, as a reference of the game, or could be a predetermined biome that has different variations.

      But to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of playable characters, as it means a lot of work in terms of balance, I'm not sure if it works well or the game has a lot of unbalanced things. I don't even play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I don't have it. I'm stuck with Super Smash Bros for the 3Ds; I played Ultimate like eight times in my life it but it was when Banjo-Kazooie just arrived, however I feel it's a ridicoulous amount of characters: I could be good or bad, but to me It's a "double edged sword".

      I would say more about the game, I'm a big fan of the franchise, but I'd make a very long essay about it so-
      that's what I think about Steve and his inclusion.

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