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  1. I can't believe Steve is in Smash ... It sounds like something no one would think of, especially to people from five years ago or more. They've been announcing characters, and Mii skins like Sans, that I never thought I'd see in Smash.



    ... I want Wilson to be in Smash.

    Walking Alone GIFs | Tenor

    Since he is a 2D character, I thought he could have a render similar to Ness or something. I like to dream that I'll see him in Smash one day :wilson_resigned:

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    2. AutumnsBeast


      Yes, I took the time to write that

    3. DragonMage156



      Don't Stare, Hollow Knight, or Bendy

      Ok but can I just say, all of my yes to be added to Smash despite not owning the game myself (let's throw Ori in for good measure).

      But still, all the characters mentioned in this post/quote alone actually have some awesome fighting skills yet... they add Steve... a blocky boy... who has to start off with stone tools!

    4. AutumnsBeast


      At least he got an interesting moveset, I feared that if he was add in the game, he could be something like a mixture of the Villager and Link.

      I think that many indie videogames deserves to be represented in Smash, as fighters, Mii costumes or Assistant Trophy, but it's not just go and say "I want my character to be here".

      And talking about his fighting skills and that stuff, there are many ways to construct a good moveset that represents their habilities and universes, and to me that's was makes a character unique and special, even with limitations in movements or there are mechanic that some characters could share. If all of those characters mentioned are added to smash, the least I want to see it's they are a hecking clone of an exinsting character in Smash.