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  1. Big dumbo move on my part I changed my Spriter build name but forgot to change the anim_build to the build name, lol I changed that and now it works. Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. The health icon won't appear for the badge. Is there a way to fix that?
  3. Hello. I'm creating a character mod that isn't really so good in the head and I plan to have her have a "good side" and "bad side" every time she examines something. The good one being the normal speech font and size with a normal examination quote, while the bad side being more darkened, perhaps slightly transparent and below the good speech text saying something more sinister and dark. Is that plausible?
  4. Yes, that and all of it's sprites when it's being held and used to dig.
  5. I've assigned an inventory, and the items all have an anim file. They just won't show up in-game
  6. I'm making a mod that adds a new item and tools made from that item. When I play the game, the item and tools are find when in my inventory, but when I drop the item or any of the tools on the ground, and when i'm holding any of the tools their invisible.
  7. The texture I'm working with is a 64x64 item texture. 64 is a power of 2 yet it still doesn't work.
  8. When ever I put in the code that you said in the .xml file, and made my .tex file's name, .xml file's name, <Texture filename>, and <Element name> all the same thing, It still doesn't show up in the game.
  9. Hello, I'm working on my modded character, and whenever the autocompiler compiles or I use TEXCreator to convert an image to .tex for example the texture of an item or the name of my character, it does not work ingame.
  10. Renaming all of the anchor into something else causes it to not compile and appear in the anim folder... help?
  11. Is there a way to make the tab appear when near a custom prefab?
  12. Big brain Idea there, but once I dive into Woodie's files I don't see anything there that could help (or work)
  13. first time bumper bumping a bump where a bump is needed in a bump-less world
  14. Thanks for your reply! I did what you did and dived in Deerclops' lua file for the reign of runts mod that I may have already dived into to search for lines of code to yoink before, And couldn't find anything inside Deerclops that could make my character be able to punch trees, and I don't know/see any character mods that have the ability to punch trees that I can use. Your code that causes him to lose hunger when he attacks works and I think I'll just settle with that, instead of it going down whenever he does an action. Your code that makes him slower when he is at or under 30 hunger (or 45 as my character's max hunger is 150, and 30% of 150 is 45) and it didn't work, But thanks for your help so far!
  15. Hello. I'm making a custom character and I'm having trouble coding perks into him and can't really find anything online that helps me. The perks that I have planned for him: Ability to punch trees (You can probably guess what character I'm making now) Have his hunger not deplete when standing still Have his walk speed at 1.1 when above 30% hunger and below 30% at 0.9 Have his hunger go down faster when walking but reverts to normal hunger drain when at 30% or lower Have his hunger go down by like 1 or 2 whenever he attacks or does an action like digging Not be able to put on helmets, But can craft his own helmets that he can put on Able to put on a pumpkin lantern (for fun not really needed) I really hope I'm not asking too much and I'd appreciate if someone would help!