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  1. Please tell me which movie you want to be next 1.Pigman: The beginning 2.Pigman 2 3. Mansion. 4. Dark sea. It's very imortant for us!
  2. Don't Starve Horror Movie "The Pigman" , AVAILABLE NOW!
  3. You need a good night's sleep, because tomorrow you will get an unforgettable range of emotions!) Just tomorrow
  4. So ya mean that Alter Guardian means - Age Guardian?
  5. Hi guys! I have a theory that the Celestial Champion is Ancient Guardian's alternative. This theory was created when I saw Celestial Champion's prefab (c_spawn("alterguardian_phase1") alterguardian (maybe) means alternative guardian so , we can coclude that the Celestial Champion is only a key to the real moon boss.
  6. Wagstaff will never be added in DST , but he already there!
  7. Hello to all viewers! This theme was created to demonstrate the idea of a new boss "Don't Starve Together :Return of Them". This boss was created by me and my friend. THE MOON The Lord of the Gestalts will spawn on the lunar island. He will have many interesting attacks. He will have an aura and as the damage is received it will decrease until the boss is killed. Attacks: 1. Simple He soars near the character, then teleports behind his back, makes a jerk and strikes with his hand. DAMAGE(120) 2. Mind Control. The character will have to lower his mind all the time so that THE MOON does not take control of you. If you play with friends then when he controls you, you can not move, and your character begins to attack other players without pvp. If you play solo then your character will walk chaotically and the future for THE MOON easy prey. 3. Gestalt bomb Sometimes he creates a sphere filled with gestalts, which he throws at the character and fills 4 strong gestalts around him. If you do not have time to kill them within a certain period of time, then THE MOON will draw them in, which will raise the level of health of his aura, and damage. 4. Fog It will be filled with a cold fog that severely cuts the character's field of vision. You will need to run to the lunar geyser and warm yourself. 5. Light tentacles When his health drops below 25%, he creates 4 light tentacles that slowly move towards the character in unpredictable trajectories, and when they approach but strike a sharp blow, and you need to dodge them. The tentacles move smoothly and slowly resembling smoke DAMAGE(35) 6. Rays When the health of the boss reaches 8%, he launches several rays from the sky that move very slowly and then disappear. Despite the low damage (10), they quickly damage the character, cool and freeze. 6. Rays When the health of the boss reaches 8%, he launches several rays from the sky that move very slowly and then disappear. Despite the low damage (10), they quickly damage the character, cool and freeze. After the death of the boss, his aura will dissipate, it will become transparent and drag it into the lunar portal, and you will get some interesting things, namely: 1.Fog machine. 2.Gestalts crown. 3.Moonray staff 1.Fog machine This is a purely decorative thing, you can put it in the cemetery and turn it on, it will draw in fog and you can place it anywhere. 2.Gestalts crown is an armor that gives the player 60 defenses and when you attack mobs, it emits spectral, homing shells that strike 34 damage. 3. Moonray staff - this item will have only 15 damage, but it should not be underestimated, because you can spawn a full moon, for this the staff will remove 10% of the strength. You can also summon a celestial laser which you can control within the radius of the screen, it will very quickly damage enemies for 15 damage.Can freeze enemies BOSS BOSS WITH AURA AND GESTALT BOMB MOONRAY STAFF GESTALTS CROWN ALL DROPS P.S. all the stuff from this boss cools your character down a bit Everything was drawn by me.
  8. HEY! im really very sorry , but movie is going to be delayed , because I have very unexpected technical problems. Sorry again! P.S. it will be delayed for few days! For excusing , im giving something
  9. Don't Starve horror movie "The Pigman" TRAILER 1 AVAILABLE NOW!
  10. HI guys , this date is a date of the movie. BE READY FOR THE TRAILER TODAY. DON'T MISS IT.