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  1. NOOOOOO! The mean government is going to force open schools again! Eeep! Our area has got many reported cases of infections every day and like, we're on top of one an other in school! This isn't a good idea at all! Plus they're going to force us to stick cotton buds up our noses for self tests, my nose is small and delicate ;( I don't wanna!!! Aaugh, and I'm going to have to wear these again ;(external-content.duckduckgo.thumb.png.dd893c274d8b57080e067590a1d535ef.png 

  2. Ban Serena-chan because she nearly cried when performing a virtual surround sound test, aaaaaaaaah!!! The door knock sounded so realistic, at least the sound drivers are working ;(
  3. Well, this version is much better, but eep! I can still hear some of them, because of the "Phonemic Restoration Effect"
  4. Ban Ibara-chan because for banning the wrong person? Eh?!
  5. Ban Vine-chan because my new manga volume is too heavy for my small delicate hands!
  6. Ban ZeeDragon-san because AAAAAH! That's so scary!
  7. Ban ZeeDragon-san because my equipment is pretty stupid too! It's like, I'll have problems with something every day *huff huff* I still haven't forgotten that I had to reset windows, and kernel power critical error 41 ;(
  8. Ban ZeeDragon-san because nooooo! My baka router also has problems all the time as well!
  9. Kyaaaaa! It's finally here!


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      A bit unrelated but I love the way your background picture matches your profile picture, they're all so pretty.

    4. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Yay! Thanks Pinegrove-chan.

  10. Ban ArticeStone because he banned the wrong person, like again, eep!
  11. Ban ArticeStone-san because I go by Serena now. It's like, so much better!
  12. EYAAAAH! Ban Vine-chan because sorry that is very incorrect ;( she is deceased. I still like Pokemon and Sailor Moon! You didn't have to say something so mean!
  13. Ban ZeeDragon because! My power supply could be fried!
  14. Ban ZeeDragon because NOOOOOOO! My PC got kernel-power critical error 41 ;(
  15. Ara-ara, they look pretty beautiful! Happy Easter! Well, it's in 2 weeks for me waaahh...
  16. I really love "LivingBobby", hehehe because he makes nice videos about food.
  17. Well, I don't remember... I only like reading manga now, eep! I've even completely stopped playing video games.
  18. Ban ZeeDragon because he started his meanness again!
  19. Ban Articestone because my manga is still not here!