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  1. I finally adopted a cute kitten!


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    2. Rico0


      ooooooo that's really cute

    3. viberr



      It's a kitten! Plus I'm also worried that its own mother neglected it, it was meowing all night long when it was outside yesterday

      I know it's a kitten, you already said that but it just looks SO SMOL to the point it looks like a hamster so that's why I'm calling it a hampter

      as for the neglect from the mother, that's just terrible, like cats don't do much everyday and that cat apparently had no time to take care of it's child? I call bs but hey, maybe it's a sign from a god that you should take care of the cat because you'd be a better caretaker 

      anyways, what are you gonna name this cute little hampter?

      and please do take more photos in the future because that is one cute hampter

    4. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      I don't know... As I said I won't keep it for long :( I shouldn't give it a name either I don't wanna bond with it

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