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  1. Yay! At least they rememberedE6pbnhlUUAACJ8i.jpg.a1d141e80e45adc090e7ba3ba9d220e5.jpg

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    2. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Thanks everyone <3

    3. Lovely Roses

      Lovely Roses

      oh hey I'm a little late but happy birthday!

    4. DragonMage156


      Extra late but happy birthday!

  2. Ban ZeeDragon because like, no way it's really small! Hmph At least this one works...
  3. Ban ZeeDragon because my new mouse is much smaller than I expected, wah.
  4. Ban hellheater because I don't know, I need opinions waaah.
  5. Ban ZeeDragon because I can't decide if I should set good or bad Launch as my avatar
  6. Ban HellHeater because I like cure the world mode more.
  7. Ban HellHeater because, Oooh it's soo pretty!! And it's totally more responsive and stuff
  8. Ban HelllHeater because my new Windows 11 OS works perfectly, yay!
  9. Wow! I finally got the Windows 11 Update, aaah it was sooo hard! I had to tinker with dangerous BIOS settings and stuff. Thank goodness for Insider program, this preview looks so pretty already!Untitled.thumb.png.ad846e333026aaf45ea887857e459fee.png

  10. Ban ZeeDragon because tinkering with the BIOS was scary!
  11. Well, I've been playing the binding of Isaac, it's a game about religion and stuff.
  12. Ban ZeeDragon because that's not really kind, I was like sooo busy.
  13. Ban HellHeater because Bill Gates is a meanie who made the Windows 11 update nearly impossible to get
  14. Hey everyone! Well... how have you been doing?

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    2. minespatch


      I forgot you were Charlie, heyo!

      It's been raining where I am too. That'll help with my dying catnip. :wilson_laugh:

    3. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Heehee yeah! I totally didn't like that stupid nickname or anything so I changed it up.

    4. Lovely Roses

      Lovely Roses

      Hi, welcome back!

  15. Oh wow! They're all so cute! Please don't get stung... It will be scary!