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  1. Hmm, since "fresh" disappeared from my profile maybe I could get an other profile picture now... 

    1. Mike23Ua


      Every time you post a status update thingy it sends me a notification, didn’t want you to think I’m stalking your pages or nothing lol I’m just replying whenever I see a notification pop up, Tonight I had a blast though- I went back in time and played the Original Borderlands.. it was my favorite game of all time, Going back and playing those amazing DLC add ons man.. I wish DST could get massive varied DLCS like that!

      i would invest every dollar I had into DST DLC add ons like Zombie Island of Dr Ned, Moxxis Underdome Riot, Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

      (Maybe not so much Claptraps Robot Revolution but you get the idea!)

      Ahem anyways it’s 4am here so I am off to bed, Good Night! And maybe we will get news of the May content update later next week :)

    2. hyiltiz


      Screecher was a good direction for fresh new DLC stuff. Did you like it? Granted it is too small.

    3. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      T-that was scary!