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  1. Ack! My wrist is burning! I-I hope it isn't an early sign of carpal tunnel...

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    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      That's a terrible idea! You forgot about the virus?

    3. Mike23Ua


      nah! I’ve ordered lots of stuff online since the Corona started, more than I usually have, my birthday is the 25th so I got a new TV :) hurray! (The one I had was a 2012 model) 

      BUT!!! It just occurred to me that the May content update could be released around my birthday wonder what it will be *hopes for pirate cosmetics & Walani*

    4. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Walanee? Umm We'll see, but again she isn't that useful as a character, she only does her best in shipwrecked and again there are better characters to choose, unless they rework her and make her useful somehow..