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  1. It's in the title. If you kill any of the twins while it is doing his despawning animation, the entire fight will just reset and you'll have a pair of brand new eyes the next night.
  2. Love this rework a lot but i feel like the circuits should not have any durability: Anyone who just want to play with his favorite combo for the entire time will just focus on making it and then never switching for something else, making those circuits basically infinite. Meanwhile, someone who wants to mix those circuits will just be penalized for switching them from time to time. Either the durability should be changed to instead degrading when the circuits are being used or it should just be removed entirely. I personally don't think that the latter would be op as it would be just kinda like wanda's watches (infinite uses with a cooldown, the cooldown here being wx charges going away when you remove the circuits and having to wait for it to go back up to use a new one). This would also help those high cost circuits (like the tick fur and the jelly beans one) who gives you such the small boost compared to the rarity of the materials used and this way, you could also add the option to use the circuit extractor on the circuit themselves to dismantle them like wanda's watches and give back the materials used to make them. As for the circuits themselves, i feel like they are all good, but some of them should still be tweaked. Like the jellybeans one using 3 slots and only giving 75 sanity with 1 hp and sanity regenerated every 15 seconds, I'd rather use the sanity circuit (2 slots) for a 75 sanity boost with a 1 sanity regenerated every 15 seconds and the normal hp boost (1 slot) for 50 more hp. Same amount of slots used as the jellybeans one, but way cheaper and way better in my opinion. The light circuit is also weird, as it gives such a small amount of light but still use 1 more slot than the night vision circuit wich is way better. I'd honestly prefer for the light circuit to use 3 slots instead. I think it would be a pretty good buff to it while still keeping the night vision circuit the way it currently is. Other than that, this beta is pretty solid and feels closer to a regular build than a beta build. Really hyped for what you got in store for us Klei.
  3. The clean sweeper not always dropping from trees and their recipe being quite expensive made me never want to focus on making one unless i was redecorating the base and if i had a shadow manipulator at my disposal. Now that the recipe is way less expensive and only requires an alchemy to make, I will focus on it a lot more. Could you guys also add the option to change the sweeper's skins itself ? We can sweep the sweeper by right clicking on it inside our hand slot but nothing happens. Would be pretty sweet especially if more skins for it will drop in the future. Small and unexpected woodie buff, now we'll be able to craft and carry a lot of idols wherever and whenever we please. Very much appreciated. Does this means that boating will become a lot easier and accessible in a future update dedicated to it ? If so, can't wait to see what you got in mind for us devs. This is a big up for me personally, i know that steam cloud saving was here at the start of the QOL but being able to play my world on any computer anywhere in the world is pretty amazing. Very much apprecitated devs. This QOL is getting better and better over time, can't wait to see what will come out now. Personally would love a server setting for the eye/twins of terror spawning mechanic, if this ever does happen, this would be one of the QOL to have stayed in beta for the longest time, but also one of the most pollished and amazing one yet. Also a little idea for Wolfgang, but now that mightiness drop quite fast if our hunger isn't full, why not give the gembell a small speed boost like the thulecite club ? Since it's made with thulecite and is a late game item, this would allow Wolfgang to move arround the map with a small boost while not losing any mightiness. Keep up the good work Klei, and give us more skins so i can give you my money, you guys earned it so much !
  4. Fishing in the oasis during summer is now fast and maybe even fun ? That is one hell of a change that nobody was expecting, but that we are all embracing with open arms. Fantastic job as always devs !
  5. Now that Wolfgang's mightiness loss on hit is gone, fighting bosses is going to be a breeze. This is by far the best QOL ever released and my favorite on top of that, I honestly don't know how you guys can make it even better at this point. Very hyped for it to go on the live branch ! \o/
  6. Wolfgang will now be able to hold himself against bosses, loving this QOL even more now ! Now we just need a configuration option for the eye/twins of terrors to switch their spawn mechanic between a random player on the map and the terrarium and it's officially the best QOL in my book ! When we look at the work you guys put into this QOL, i can't even imagine what the QOL going forwards will be !
  7. A great QOL, very hyped for the release in the normal branch ! The 2 things making me sad though are the mightiness loss when getting hit, especially since it doesn't get reduced with armor and the lack of a setting for the eye/twins of terror to switch their spawn mechanic between what we have today and forcing them to spawn at the terrarium's location. Would prevent a lot of death/griefing on public servers. Welp, we'll just have to see the tweaks this beta will have before it's official release. Can't wait to have fun with those changes alongside my friends !