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  1. I made a very very quick sketch, not that good at the don't starve style of art, or art in general, so i threw something together to show a basic idea of what Wardite would look like
  2. Just a post for fun, I like coming up with ideas and this seems like the place to post them! I'm gonna put some base stats and ideas for his abilities Base stats of 300 Health, 100 Sanity, and 150 Hunger, with a 1-5% movement speed reduction List of edible minerals at bottom of post Since he is a rock lobster, he can build their dens for 25 rocks, 5 gold, and 1 green gem (for balance reasons, rock lobsters immediately with a red or blue gem would be overpowered) Lobster caves can have up to 2 lobsters at a time spawn, and they take 3 days in fall, 4 days in summer, 5 days in winter, and 6 days in spring to respawn if they die Lobster caves can be planted on any cave turf or rocky turfs He loses less sanity when in caves Rocks: +1 health +5 hunger -1 sanity Flint: +1 health +1 hunger -1 sanity Gold: +0 health -5 hunger +5 sanity Red Gem: +10 health +0 hunger -3 sanity, heats up by 30 degrees for 4 minutes Blue Gem: +10 health +0 hunger -3 sanity, cools down by 30 degrees for 4 minutes Purple Gem: +13 health +0 hunger -15 sanity Orange Gem: +15 health +17 hunger -2 sanity, removes movement penalty for 1 minute Yellow Gem: +17 health +16 hunger +3 sanity, adds an illumination effect equal to the glow berry mousse for 2 minutes Green Gem: +17 health +15 hunger -7 sanity, decreases crafting and building speed by 25% for 1 minute Iridescent Gem: +30 health +30 hunger -50 sanity, adds an illumination effect equal to WX-78's overdrive light source for 2 minutes That is all! I hope you guys like this character, as he is a neat idea that me and my friend were talking about, and we both really like him!