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  1. When a Dupe gets off a ladder when holding a balloon, they leave it behind till the disembarking animation is complete.
  2. When a Dupe goes to bed they, visually, take off their hat and place under the bed. However, the hat still is on their head. It doesn't affect game play, it is just a graphical bug. But, it does look both uncomfortable to sleep with a hat on and odd whenever the hat duplicates itself.
  3. When an autosave/ cycle occurs and you are assigning Duplicants to build either a ladder, wire, pipe, or vent, a diagonal version of the requested item will be scheduled to be built from the upper right edge of the explores map to the current position of the cursor. This will require the player to cancel the build and redo the actual request. However, if the Duplicants have already started the project, the terrain is permanently lost.