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  1. well the time has come, im going on vacation, so dont worry that im afk for months i'll be back

  2. am I the only one who noticed that the sunfish looks like a doughnut
  3. i"m still alive. just going to be gone for awhile.

  4. so i did a self google of my name and the first 3 images i see are things i have created.

    1. Rico0



      *i regret everything* image.png.af07233ac630a326ea3c34d9b13b7042.png


  5. i destroyed my toe badly in a bike accident  

    1. some guy59

      some guy59

      the good news is that it is healing up really well now

  6. all of these anime memes has disappointed me i hate anime
  7. i don't care if this is not funny i'm posting it anyway
  8. IDK how to make it small so enjoy a supersize
  9. so if you have known me from the gAmercAt you will find out im done commenting on it. i would also like to say if if you have known me from back then i will say i've made some great friends (i think) and have now gotten a job as a teenage memer. it has been great so far and i think this is how i will live my life now. 

    1. some guy59

      some guy59

      I want to say this to my friends from gamercat,

      it's been nice knowing you and never change the way you are, i will miss you guys.


      (PS i'm NOT commiting suicide if you are worried about me)

  10. i don't know why but this image reminds me of the mettaton fight from undertale
  11. that is way better than anything i could draw knowing that i suck at drawing did i just insult or compliment? hopefully i complemented.
  12. as soon as i saw that, this came up in my mind