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  1. I've seen this from time to time as well. It happens not only with rabbits but spiders as well as anything caught by the trap. I don't know if its a feature or a bug.
  2. The Pheonix Shoes appeared in my DST inventory after the new daily gift was opened. I guess opening the new daily gift refreshed my DST inventory and it has synchronized with my steam inventory. OR sth like that. My case can be considered as solved, but the reason why it was caused remains. and it may bug someone else's daily gift..
  3. Forget to take a picture of my invetory on DST here it goes.
  4. I have already sent an email to Kiel's support with this information. Yesterday night in my country region (Brazil) I got my daily gift as usual. But when I went to check the new drop 'Pheonix Shoes' I didnt find it on my recent discovery window or even in the curios tab. So I sent Kiel a sup ticket asking for help. Today morning I have the idea to search for the 'Pheonixs Shoes on my Steam DST inventory, and IT was in there. Somehow Steam registered the Pheonix Shoes, but the game did not. I know it's a silly bug, its definitely not that amazing RARE shoes anyone would like get, but still it can be unravel for 45 spools.