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  1. I had a powerless gas filter design which i disconnected the ouput. I noticed the gas slowly moving out of the loop. In the attached save on Vitaliol there is a central gas pipe from the top down to the powerless gas filter setup that is losing gas at the rate set by the gas valve(1g/s) it looks as though each of the 2 paths leading to the gas valve inputs are both being subtracted 1 gram of gas but the valve receives only 1 gram total Save File:Crater.sav Changing the gas valve to 2g/s renders an overall 2g/s loss In the image below the oxygen pipe leading upward is not connected to anything, the pipe on the bottom is flowing right to left, Valve set to 1g/s Included are 2 logs, -prev is with mods, the other is without. both cases the bug is still present Build: EX1510-461546-D
  2. I've also seen this with 2 dupes i have Rowan and Marie. Ive witnessed once during the deconstruction of a tile, the instant the tile was "deconstructed but before it actually popped into an item, Marie then successfully climbed onto the "transitioning" tile at which point the tile popped away and Marie was left standing 1 block in the air looking around until she near suffocated. the "move to" failed due to not having a valid path to move. Seems there is one game tick between finishing a deconstruct and it actually becoming not a tile and in this time the dupe climbs onto it. As for the getting stuck on ladders i havnt actually witnessed the moment they get stuck only that ive noticed once they were