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  1. so i still have a problem... i don't have any mod called Efficient Fetch or similar thing...
  2. now the problem is, mods caused this or mods showed what can't be seen before?
  3. ok i compressed with Winrar and is now possible to send here. good luck. output_log.rar
  4. so what type of editor i should use? and how do i compress 37GB to 99MB?
  5. yep is impossible to open this Log on any type of text editor, world, notepad, notepad++, none o these can, and 37gb of data in less than 30 minutes? i don't think is just repeating the same line every time... the problem is see if is a mod incompatibility problem or a base game problem, maybe is a base game problem that gonna this scale because of mods, i don't know, will need 64gb of ram to see this text... and i only have 16gb
  6. I needed to go AFK for some time (+- 30 minutes) and left the game open (on a running colony but time stopped), when i returned my PC was crashing like crazy because my HD only have left 6.4KB of free space, i deleted another game to solve the problem, entered in the Google to find some answers and founded the program "TreeSize Free" this program saved my life because it helped me to see all the heavy files on the PC, and then i founded in "AppData\LocalLow\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded" the output_log.txt having more than 37GB of data, why? i don't know, i play this game and a lot of other games with several mods but that is the first time i see something like this, please Klei, answer me if this is "ok" or is a bug and if it is a bug please fix it fast. Thanks for the attention and sorry my bad english. PS: i don't send the proper log because it weights 37GB... and i can only send 99MB logs here... but i can send in a private E-mail if wanted.