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  1. I also think he excluded it because you will probably never need the aoe attack for any bosses, but what your saying is true.
  2. To be fair he did say "except when when you need AoE damage". I just don't think it was fair of him to compare 3 monster meat and 2 grass to a couple marble suits you have to wait ages to grow and a hambat.
  3. By that logic pierogi's outclass wortox's heal too. Your not always going to have marble suits and a good weapon at hand, and even if you do, it's always better to save them if your going to be fighting something like tentacles.
  4. Oh after rereading that im kind of dumb and made it sound like I like your posts for no reason but it's that I like you for no reason. It's not even that english is my second language it's just that I'm stupid.
  5. I once asked a newish player on a public server to come on my boat to lunar island. Once he hopped off I moved the boat just enough so that he couldn't get back on then said gtg and disconnected. I'm hoping he was being annoying and I did that as revenge but I honeslty can't remember.
  6. No offence to anyone in this I love u all. Feel free to add to it if u like
  7. Idk If rockjaw zoos are a meme or not but rockjaws are very difficult to fight and avoiding them is impossible when they spawn at a place you need to get to. Them despawning is a good thing. Bat bats still cost a living log and a purple gem, drain sanity when used AND don't have nearly as much damage / durability as other weapons. All for some health you can also just get from a couple pierogies. Complaining about the guano biome being useless is weird. I mean, if you want to mass produce bat bats fast, you will still go there. That's... The point? Oh no guys he has ashes. Be careful he's about to use them to one shot ancient fuelweaver. You could burn the bee biome very easily anyways, the flowers will easily spread the fire. Sorry if your post was ironic because I honestly can't tell