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  1. You can use the sculptors table to make the 3 statues again using the blueprints you got from destroying their marble pieces. Just hammer the statues you made when it's a new moon and they will spawn.
  2. Oh after rereading that im kind of dumb and made it sound like I like your posts for no reason but it's that I like you for no reason. It's not even that english is my second language it's just that I'm stupid.
  3. I once asked a newish player on a public server to come on my boat to lunar island. Once he hopped off I moved the boat just enough so that he couldn't get back on then said gtg and disconnected. I'm hoping he was being annoying and I did that as revenge but I honeslty can't remember.
  4. No offence to anyone in this I love u all. Feel free to add to it if u like
  5. I think the hunger drain is fine since speed in dst is really good for kiting and finishing tasks faster. I just found it hard to take advantage of that speed because I'm too lazy to only fight bosses during spring. Other then that, think if the hunger drain as more of a downside then a trade off. And I totally agree with the green thumb tab being underwhelming.
  6. My only complaint is how he only blooms during spring. Wish there was a way to manually activate it like you said with Wickerbottom or of he could also bloom during summer. The skins make him look so nice while bloomed!
  7. Tbh I think they would have added a mob similar to carrats (due to the bull stalks being a melee weapon with far range) if it wasn't year of the rat but they specifically made them a rat for the event. You could be right and this is just my opinion but I don't feel like carrats themselves belong on lunar island. You got crystal spiders, you got pengulls made of ice, you got those cool saladmanders wandering around. Then there's just a carrot. I'm also 99% sure they only chose for it to be a carrot for the pun, but who knows.
  8. What about a sea related character and a cave related character combined? Could be a crab or something idk
  9. Pretty sure they barely actually add anything new to the events, they just make the event active (with acception like year of the carrat). As for the skins, they help fund the game itself so without them we would have probably stopped getting updates years ago.
  10. Just let merms that spawn in wurts structures tp back to them after being inactive for a while. Sucks to have 16 houses and only 7 merms because you brought them somewhere and they got permanently frozen off screen.
  11. After an update they put out a link that you can click for points. I believe this is the only way u can get more points after subscribing/following them.
  12. I think her only meat downside is good enough rn but the problem is that because there isn't much to change in her kit and only room to add she will inevitably get stronger so a small extra downside to balance that wouldn't hurt.
  13. You should check out Glermz, he usually bases in Oasis and his mega bases always look nice.