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  1. Thanks! I was never aware that the shutoff blocks the output, not the input .
  2. Hi I'm trying to create a contraption that kills germs in water. What I came up is this: The room is filled with chlorine. Germ-infected water comes in via the shutoff on the lower left and goes into the containers. When water leaves the containers it is checked by a germ sensor that sends a green signal when there are less than 0 germs in the packed. If this is true then the shutoff on the right-hand side is opened and the packet goes to the clean water storage. Otherwise the shutoff on the upper left is opened and the packet goes back into the containers. The automation logic looks like this: The shutoff on the lower-left is there to prevent blocking the flow if both containers are full and a packet with germs are in the sensor. Still setup leaks germ-infected water from time to time. I don't understand why however :( Any ideas? Best regards Vasil