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  1. 1 hour ago, Kevin said:


    • streamlined the pet return flow: When a pet flees, we spawn a specific story quest about them returning. it stays dormant for a random amount of time, and then fires a travel event. Removed the pet rescue oppo (because you just get the return guaranteed now



    I really love that. Especially for Prestige 6. I've found since the perks have been added that pets haven't really scaled well. I lost 6 in a single run (with 2 pet perk + training perk) :-( which had never happened before. If you have two pets and you lose one I wonder if it will still trigger.

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  2. Played a bit of Sal and Rook on P0. Some of the fights were tough enough to be interesting but never enough that I felt like I wouldn't win. Got stuck with lua crashes on Sal after Zyn's fight and gave up. I picked all of Sal's "hard missions" and I think someone who had never played a deck building game and was learning would find the fights interesting without being intimidating.

    Diplomacy was super easy. I think I finished day 1 missing 1 or 2 resolve and day 2 would have been full.

    I tried to play Sal all the way through but I just didn't have time to keep doing Zyn. :-(

    I think new players will like it but I think the bosses aren't enough of a challenge for them.

  3. Finally finished today's daily (I found it even harder than the first boss rush but significantly more fun) and then got a LUA Crash ;-(


    2 hours ago, pacovf said:

    Unrelated: please change "Diseased" so that it removes actual health, instead of maximum health (or remove both?). It's a completely toothless debuff otherwise.

    I actually like diseased as mechanic. It works against my leech build for example because while I can frequently heal back damage disease lowers the max health rendering it less effective.

    It's even more interesting with Smith as if you use a regenerative build with less defense the stacks can nibble away at your top health leaving you lower on health after a fight with a diseased mob vs a straight damage one.

    If they did rework it I'd rather it did both max health as well as actual health.

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  4. I'm just getting Threekwa over and over as the first fight on the daily boss run. I can pile on the damage early on but then the damage just gets crazy against me and it's all over. I'm lucky if I have enough attack cards to break their defence after about the fourth round.

    100% did not enjoy today's daily boss run.

    Not sure if the card draft is supposed to work at the start or not? But when I click it nothing happens (Same thing last build)

    ADD: Game finally gave me a graft draw that wasn't useless and I finished it. But I still didn't enjoy it :-(

  5. 6 hours ago, pacovf said:

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Restrained cards? I’m rather unimpressed with them all. Not scaling with power/adrenaline/wounds kills them, and their base damage is not high enough to be relevant. Wish they were something like “only deals half hp damage” instead, or something of the sort where they still have *some* scaling. 

    I agree. For the most part I've found them underwhelming and ignored them.

  6. I didn't really find it much harder then the standard game.

    Is there any point to diplomacy? I tended to avoid it most the time unless the reward was much better than combat. I was lucky to get a few healing cards that worked really well with my discard build.

    I also felt like I was swimming in money but it took ages to get grafts that I liked. I think I had about 1500 shills at one point. You get a useless graft draw and it seemed like a very long time before you got the chance to buy again.