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  1. @CharlesB I have now sent a report to Sony when my game crashed again and include my KLEI ID in the report as requested
  2. It didn't work unfortunately, even after deleting the game and installing it again the game keeps crashing constantly Nothing specific, the world is always in constant constructions has changed a lot since your last visit, but this problem only started after the last update This screen is not mine, but I've reported the bug to Sony a few times, the next time the game crashes I'll include my Kley ID and I'll warn you around here
  3. @Marco BR It gave a great tip to uninstall the game and install it again, let's test it and see if it solves...
  4. After the v2.26 update on PS4 my game crashes constantly when the day ends and the game saves
  5. What amazing news, @JoeW we can hope that last year's drop Bone-Chilling Firepit will arrive in the rewards to redeem for points? I've been saving my points since always waiting for this skin and the Klaus Cap.
  6. this same bug also happens in the console version, playing on a PS4
  7. Me and my girlfriend had the same problem, I have a world just over 5000 days old and she has a world that we played together about 9500 days old, the update failed on our worlds
  8. In time the console community charges for a fairer skin system just like it is on the PC, it is certain that we would all be very pleased if we had the opportunity to redeem the skins that we do not have access to on the console but which we would be entitled to in the points store for having purchased all versions of the game - Bottomless Pit - Pirate Birdcage - Mini Monument All console players who are also frustrated by not having access to these skins should mobilize when possible so that Klei see how much they are missing for us
  9. Please Klei, come back with skins: Klaus Cap and Bone-Chilling Firepit
  10. Amazing, thanks everyone for sharing something so cool!
  11. Hello friends, me again! I'm looking for good people who have these skin sets and can be so kind as to sweep a friend's world... I'll be very grateful My PSN: SoulCrowley
  12. Unlike Steam, skin trading doesn't exist on PS4, so the only chance we have to win this skin is with luck
  13. Hello friends, I'm looking for good DST GIF to create stickers on Whatsapp, if you have any cool GIF could you send it to me? I'm very grateful
  14. Hello, Does any good friend have these skins and could sweep a friend's world on PS4? I would be very grateful! my PSN is: SoulCrowley