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  1. @nomeIs there a study that allows PS4 players to be able to redeem these skins again via code or otherwise? When the code redemption tool was included on the Klei website, I immediately bought the MEGA PACK on Steam thinking that I would be able to redeem the code for the Pirate Birdcage and Mini Monument skins on the console because I did not know that it was no longer possible to obtain them through the code, for order even not getting the skins I chose not to ask for a refund of the purchase with the hope that one day it will be possible to get the skins on the console through proof of purchase of the DLC
  2. Even though I bought the Funkos dolls, I think your idea is incredible, I think that all skins should be more accessible to the general public, I would very much like to buy the plush because of the backpack skins and chester caligo, as it is an international purchase o the value of a Klei plushie is equivalent to a minimum wage in my country enough to support a family of four in the month, totally unrealistic.
  3. After following the mentioned step the game still presents the same error. Brazil Portuguese - PTBR PS4 Slim
  4. Yes, it works on PS4. I redeemed all the Funkos skins as soon as I enabled this tool on the Klei website.
  5. When trying to start the game the blue screen appears with the following error message and the game does not open, I have already uninstalled it several times, I deleted the SAVE but there is no use, the game is updated and the PSN version too. It is worth mentioning that I bought the DLC Hamlet and still the game does not open at all
  6. Thanks for that, did PS4 players also receive the reward? I purchased all packages as soon as the update was released, can we opt for some Klei Points instead of Spools?
  7. On the lunar island we have the glass ax in the circle of trees but in the ocean I have not heard any reports of an existing setpiece
  8. @JoeWToday it is possible to take advantage of these events through mods on the PC and they work well apparently, so is there any possibility of these mods being implemented in the game so that Console players can have the experience of playing these events?
  9. Most likely we will have a new point redemption link tomorrow (24SEP) with the Wigfried Rework update.
  10. I would like other characters to be able to use the slingshot but keeping Walter as the only manufacturer of ammunition, on roleplay servers this would give a great trade In dynamic.
  11. @nomeis there any possibility that someday we will have something similar to the Steam market on consoles so that it is possible for players to exchange skins with each other?
  12. The difficulty of Don't Starve is inversely proportional to your gaming experience, the more you master the mechanics of survival and combat the easier the game will become to the point of being very difficult for a beginner and extremely easy for someone experienced, that said what is lacking in the game are long-term challenges, something that can challenge more experienced players in longer worlds.
  13. I have to say that the Chinese year that I'm most excited to experience in the game is that of the Monkey, which could be better than having several of these adorable little creatures walking around Constant and helping to collect the items you leave on the base floor.
  14. Which of the twelve Chinese zodiacs do you have the most expectation to happen at the Don't Starve Together lunar event and what do you think could be implemented in the game during this event? It may be any year in question, not necessarily the next year that we will receive. English is not my first language so I apologize for the low translation of Google Translate.