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  1. The best news in this update ❤️
  2. Can we take this as a hint that new skins will be added soon?
  3. Some players received it by email, I did not receive it but I was able to redeem it only using the link that a friend sent, I cannot say how long it is.
  4. The first step is to disable the delay compensation this already helps to eliminate around 80% of lag in the world. Anotherthing is the way the base is built, things that influence the lag are walls, mobs, nearby buildings, items on the floor, fireflies, etc., avoid heaping things and leaving the base messy. Lagis the biggest enemy of PS4 players, these steps are mandatory for those who want to stay in the same world for many days.
  5. Hello, good evening! I'm not sure if this is a problem but some textures in the game are overlapping, this happens when the character is near the fire, furnace, desert teleport, ocuvigil, gold on the ground and ghosts from the cemeteries.
  6. @JanH Thanks for the update, the Brazilian community congratulates the Klei team! Didn't we receive the update that allows us to build a wall on the edge of the world with this update, any forecast for this change to reach the console?
  7. Your current world will undergo a retrofiting update and all new content will be added to it, so there is no need to start a new world
  8. Good afternoon, could you please clarify a doubt? From what I understand, only the beta update would arrive on consoles next week, but isn't the Halloween event coming to PS4 today? Will login reward skins last until the update arrives on consoles?
  9. @nomeIs there a study that allows PS4 players to be able to redeem these skins again via code or otherwise? When the code redemption tool was included on the Klei website, I immediately bought the MEGA PACK on Steam thinking that I would be able to redeem the code for the Pirate Birdcage and Mini Monument skins on the console because I did not know that it was no longer possible to obtain them through the code, for order even not getting the skins I chose not to ask for a refund of the purchase with the hope that one day it will be possible to get the skins on the console through proof of purchase of the DLC
  10. Thanks for that, did PS4 players also receive the reward? I purchased all packages as soon as the update was released, can we opt for some Klei Points instead of Spools?
  11. Most likely we will have a new point redemption link tomorrow (24SEP) with the Wigfried Rework update.
  12. After the update on 31/08 whenever I approach the bee boxes and collect honey, the game crashes and I lose all the progress of the day.
  13. I've had problems with other updates to Don't Starve that after the game update I would lose a lot of progress, for some reason I would return several and several seasons that I had already played, after going through this twice whenever the forecast of a new update I do a backup of the save on PS Plus, it has helped me a lot, it's a good tip to avoid mistakes like this.
  14. Yes, it is possible. I redeemed Funko skins on PS4 as soon as they released this tool, but unfortunately it is not possible to use Steam CD KEY to redeem reward skins on the console as it was possible before the tool came out of use on PS4.