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  1. At least you get a crash screen, I get diddly. Logo, desktop. That's it. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200
  2. Tried reinstalling ONI, no dice. Logo, desktop. No crash message, no report button
  3. That seems like a real pain to do, also when I loaded the audio debug version it loaded. What would cause it to not see Steam? I can't be the only one to have had this issue
  4. I am, I also tried running the program as a admin, both the game and Steam
  5. 02:34:31.819] [1] [WARNING] SteamManager [Steamworks.NET] SteamAPI_Init() failed. Refer to Valve's documentation or the comment above this line for more information. [02:34:31.820] [1] [ERROR] Steam not initialized in time. I've restarted Steam, ran as admin, restarted PC, nothing works. Please help I really wanna play. Win7 64-bit