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  1. Plastic door now available on Steam Workshop! Adds a new transparent and insulating door type.
  2. Just had to go on a hiatus due to serious health concerns and other life reasons. I'm hoping to get back into modding very soon now, I cannot promise anything just yet. Thank you for liking my mods and waiting on updates. ^^ (Google translate) 由于严重的健康问题和其他生活原因,不得不休假。我希望现在能尽快恢复正常,但我目前还无法保证。感谢您喜欢我的模组并等待更新。 ^^ I could use some though. :P
  3. Test447 and I have been working on an artifact storage mod, it's been on the backburner for a while but since there seems to be demand for it I will resume work on it in the coming days. I will update you when it's out
  4. Thank you very much! It means a lot people are waiting on the mod. I do wish i could work faster haha. Development on my mods takes a long time, these are relatively large mods i develop all alone, and the art is taking a long time to produce. The mod with the glass statues has been in development for over 4 months now, I don't see myself finishing before late summer, I am however trying to put together a smaller local alpha release with half of it's content ready in the coming weeks *crosses fingers*. The mod for the drecko above will also take me some time to get around, that mod suffers from a case of scope creep i need to address and cut back on, but i expect to release in 1-2 months (hopefully ). Please note that these time frames are rough estimates and I cannot promise to hold to them right now. Last week was the first week i took off for a break from modding since starting, I'm making slow but steady progress. ^^
  5. Nope, that's a different author-s own thread for their morph mods. This one is just one morph for my own mod that will center around a new element, not related to them.
  6. also, some drecko designs for another mod I'm working on. probably will go forward with color option B:
  7. New mod: Asphalt Stairs! This is an addon for !-嘿嘿嘿-!-s mod, Stairs, and it is required for it. Adds asphalt stairs, that allow for diagonal movement with a speed bonus.
  8. Thank you for the mod request. I think this would be a cool idea to post in the forum thread, or the mod ideas section of the ONI Discord. I'm afraid I'm not the right guy to request tweak mods, I'm only interested in content mods, and my todo list is very long already. I have some really fun stuff in the plans for the future! :3 I'm open to suggestions about my current mods, especially the one I'm developing currently, the Interior Decoration mod. But I can't really take on more mods in the meanwhile, sorry. But, speaking of suggestions, here is something I'm looking for ideas on. (From anyone really, this forum just merged my posts) One of my new buildings is called the Fossil display. It's made from fossil, and has to be assembled by a scientist, much like a sculpture by an artist. They also have a positive area effect, so they are'nt just there to be pretty. Here are my completed variations. An empty base, and two masterworks: (note: soda machine is for scale, it is, in fact, not a fossil) I was wondering, what other creatures should I add? These displays should be either long extinct, in the universe of ONI (maybe Don't starve), or hybrids of existing animals. I won't consider regular modern animals other than the pacu, or humans/dupes.
  9. And the update is now live on Steam for Asphalt tiles 1.1!
  10. Asphalt mod v1.1 preview download (local install) available! https://github.com/aki-art/ONI-Asphalt-Tile/releases/tag/v1.1-beta Anyone up for testing and letting me know how it goes would be extremely appreciated. I hope to push this to the Steam workshop in 1-2 days as I iron out any bugs that may surface. New features are: Auto Sweepers and Sweepy can now pick up Bitumen. Hatches can eat Bitumen Bitumen can now be used to build Tempshift Plates and Wallpapers (configurable color for latter) New Mod settings UI New option: Nuke mod. Replace asphalt tiles with regular (sandstone) tiles on the next World load. Useful if you plan to uninstall the mod permanently. This option will only apply once and then disable itself. If you don't use this, the missing asphalt will just leave regular 200kg deposits of solid vanilla bitumen behind, which isn't the end of the world, but as vanilla bitumen cannot be stored it may cause unwanted unsweepable clutter. Option to remove all bitumen from world, which can greatly reduce useless clutter once the mod is gone. Option to refund some Oil if you feel you lost out on resources. If you just want to reinstall the mod, do not use this option. Changing mod settings no longer requires restart Updated framework to 4.0 No longer using Plib Cleaned up logging (although this debug version will not reflect that, the final release will) New UI: New nuking options to help uninstalling the mod:
  11. maybe. Yes this is based on Nightingale-s Half Door mod. His mods however appear abandoned, the automation broke on them, and are licenced under GNU GPL 3 which allows for derivates. Also, my mod would add a lot more than just these. I'm not re-releasing an existing mod just for the sake of it. PS. I did try to contact Nightingale in the past if they would want custom assets for the doors, but these attempts were unsuccesful. If they do return to modding before i finish my door mod, I will be more than happy to provide the anims to update his mod instead.
  12. Well, sounds like it's time for a second cat then :3 Worked on churning out some art today: Tiles tiles tiles tiles tiles tiles tiles lamp These tiles will be different based on what material they are built out of, straight from the building menu. I don't really know if melty slime tiles can really count though.
  13. Hi! I'm Aki. I'm a relatively new modder, started in 2019 December, mainly focusing on custom art assets and original content. So far I have released one mod on my own, and contributed a little bit to 3 released mods on Steam. My Asphalt mod on Steam: Asphalt on Github Mods I have contributed some artwork to: Extra Marble Sculptures by CynicalBusiness Thermo Sensor Tile by Stephen Alarm - Notification Trigger by Cairath I'm currently working on a new, more ambitious mod centered all around decor buildings and new decor options. This mod has been in development for about a month now. I'm trying to make sure most of these buildings have additional use and function beyond just being pretty. I will update new completed buildings here and post the test versions when I have one ready. For now, here is some sneaky previews: (Yes the default tiles have bad tiling. Won't stay like that) This is all for now, thank you for looking! Feedback, suggestions and alike are welcome.
  14. Sorry, i don't do reskins. There may or may not be a storage expansion mod by someone else I'm in process of creating art for. I cannot confirm or deny. *wink* *wink*